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A very elegant and Sophisticated
tool to Import / Export your Data

Adding data to your website has never been easier
Get a copy of your Website data on your system in few steps
You Define what you want to Import / Export
Choose extensions to match your very specific needs
Try revamped HexData with more flexibility and features


HexData is an import / export tool based on Joomla CMS. It provides you a very simple and flexible way to add / update data to your Website. It also allows you to keep a backup of your website data in CSV format on your system. Since It's not built for any particular component, hence you can use it to add data into any of the Joomla Extension and take backup of any Joomla Extension. It can also be used to migrate your Joomla version 1.6, 1.7 & 2.5.x data to latest Joomla version 2.5.x & 3.x

There are various extension specific plugins available for HexData which makes the experience much easier.


Licensed for single domain only. Contact us if you need license for multiple domains

Features & Benefits

Features List:

  • Allows you to create different profiles for different component's data.
  • Allows you to import Data into any of the available component tables.
  • Allows you to export Data from any of the available component tables.
  • Allows you to only add / update data into the desired columns, you can simply choose to skip remaining columns.
  • Allows you to define the format of data for each column.
  • Allows you to set a default column value for all the records to be imported
  • Automatically matches your CSV columns with your Database table columns
  • Supports Extensions to match your very specific requirements.
  • Import any CSV file, regardless of size or number of columns.
  • Very flexible to every change.


Hexdata Data Import Profiles New Import Profile Import Data


HexData supports plugins to match with your very specific requirements.

HexData Import & Export for Joomla Articles

Use Articles Import/Export plugin to make the experience even simpler.

Read More Purchase ($12)

HexData Import & Export for Virtuemart

It's an extension to HexData component. You need HexData to make it work.

Read More Purchase ($18)

HexData Import & Export for Joomla Users

Use users plugin to make the experience even simpler.

Read More Purchase ($12)

HexData Import & Export for K2

Use k2 plugin to make the experience even simpler.

Read More Purchase ($12)

HexData Import & Export for Joomla Menu

Use Menu plugin to make the experience even simpler.

Read More Purchase ($12.00)

HexData Import & Export for Joomla Modules

Use Module plugin to make the experience even simpler.

Read More Purchase ($12.00)

HexData Import & Export for JomSocial

Coming Soon


  • Q1. Does Hexdata support all Joomla Components?
  • A1. Yes, HexData is an extension which is built to support all the components. You can import/export any of the table available in the database. It works on the basis of database tables not on components.
  • Q2. How can we import Joomla Article images
  • A2. Image field takes the values in json format, So you also need to put the values in same format, Here is the format:
  • HexData is used to import/export data into/from database tables. It can export image file name saved in database and can store image file name into database column from a CSV file. But you need to upload your images using FTP.
  • Q3. How can we import Joomla Users password
  • A3. Joomla saves user's password in encrypted form. If you do have passwords in encrypted form as joomla keeps, you can do it. If you do have passwords in plain text then user won't be able to log in. You'll have to ask them to reset their passwords. And you'll also need to import user assigned group information into another table with a different HexData profile.
  • Q4. Does Hexdata support k2 extra fields
  • A4. To import data in extra fields you need to input it in json format like below
  • Q5. Does Hexdata join tables for data import
  • A5. There is a reference to option in HexData, using this option you can include any single column of the referenced table. E.g. If there is a catid column in first table you are exporting which is a associated with category ID in another table so using this reference to option you can include the title of category in your export. Please note you can apply this reference to option to as many columns of first table as you want, but can only include one column of referenced table as title or any other column of category table in this case
  • Q6. How can I set Joomla content parameters (such as author, access level, and publish date etc) for all imported content items.
  • A6. You can set all these parameters in profile edit screen itself. When you add/edit profile for #__content table, it loads all the column from that table. You need to have a column in your CSV file for all the columns you want to import. E.g. for publish date there is a column as publish_up, for access level there is a column as access for author there is a column as created_by ( you need to enter here userid or you can also create a reference to #__users table by checking the "reference to" checkbox and select any column which you have in database for author e.g. email, name, username etc )
  • Q7. If the table already has data, and we want to replace the existing data in the table, will HexData overwrite, or it will just add new records?
  • A7. It will replace the existing data if you upload the records with the existing primary keys and if you upload the data with new primary keys or without primary key value then it will add new records.
  • Q8. I have installed the plug-in, but when I click new profile, or edit the existing profile there is nothing to edit. No setting appear, or options or anything.
  • A8. The issue might be caused by the following reasons:
    1. You have not enabled the plugin installed. Please go to Plugin manager and find HexData plugin and enable that.
    2. There are some errors/warnings being generated on your site from other extensions, which is conflicting with the AJAX request. Please disable the error reporting in Global Configuration to solve this issue.
    3. jQuery conflict. HexData loads a jQuery files, and other jQuery files might be being loaded by Joomla Framework or by some other plugin. If this is the case please comment line no 23 in administrator/components/com_hexdata/hexdata.php.
    4. There is some code cleanup plugin you've installed which is modifying the component's HTML markup. Please disable this plugin if this is the cause
  • Q9. Does Hexdata export custom article fields?
  • A9. Yes Hexdata export custom article fields in same format like article present in database.
  • Q10. Is there's any way to customize the way the data is formatted for Articles?
  • A10.Yes you can import any kind of formatted HTML using HexData and It’s plugin for Joomla Articles. HTML format of full text doesn’t effect the process in any way.

Technical Specifications

The minimum requirements to run HexData are:

  • Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5.x or 3.x
  • PHP 5.2.4 +
  • MySQL 5.0.4 +

We recommend:

  • Joomla! 2.5.x or 3.x
  • PHP 5.4 +
  • MySQL 5.1 +

HexData Current Version:

  • 1.1.0
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