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20 Oct 2015 14:18 #1513

Hi Xenon

Thanks to contact us. You can set these parameter in chart formating section.
I have explain all your issues in image.from where you can add the format which you need.
and your last question of loading the chart after load the page content. Chart loading start after your page is loaded.



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20 Oct 2015 13:40 #1512


We want to use your product to display the return of our fund, but I have run into a few issues:

1. How do I add a symbol to the vertical axis and to the numbers themselves? For example, 1%, 2%, 3%, or $1, $2, $3, etc. I want to display that our fund had a return of 20.12%, not just "20.12".

2. How do I add vertical lines as period separators? For example, a vertical line every 3 months, or at every 3rd horizontal value, etc.

3. On the vertical axis, how do I edit the number separator? For example, instead of displaying numbers as "100, 200, 300", there is automatically added a space between the hundreds and tens, so the numbers look like "1 00, 2 00", 3 00", etc.

4. I want to edit the display range of the vertical axis from -25 to 225, but even if I put in those numbers in the start- and end field in the "Vertical Axis Values" at the backend, it still formats the chart from -1 00 to 3 00 (do note that the numbers are formatted as -1 00 to 3 00 instead of -100 to 300)

5. Each time the page loads, the page and its content finishes its loading first and then about a second or so later then the chart appears and the whole page expands downwards. How can I make the chart appear at the same time with the rest of the page's content, and thus avoiding the whole page expanding downwards when the chart appears?

You can see the chart here:

I really appreciate if you could take time to help me.

Thank you.

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