Template web design does not hand out freedom to design webpage accordingly, it provides some customizable features only with the basic format of the website with new hero images. One template can be used by many people resulted in identical websites, Result of Investment (ROI) will be lower in this case.

So, to design a unique website, custom web design is the process to suit an individual, topic or brand's certain requirements. It's everything from layout to user experience. WDMTech considers the site's audience, function, and traffic when constructing their designs. It's much more than pretty pictures: it's a serious online advantage.

There are two important factors for using custom web designing:

  • Universal: Its really necessary to have a unique design, but using a common template, your brand's individuality is lost. When you use custom web design, you know that your website must not unintentionally give an approximately same look and feel to your customers who are competitors with each other. And you've actually got a chance at being memorable, too! Fancy that! In discussion with your web designer, you can workshop your design to make it just right: it's not just a simple, "pick whichever fits best". It's like having a suit custom tailored to you, rather than getting an off-the-rack one altered.
  • User Observation: You can customize your own homepage and ensure your customer that site is focused on him. A good user experience is essential for your page, especially in online shopping. You have the chance to shape how your users interact with your brand and your products with a custom design. And that's not all user-experience is good for. There is a strong link between an easy-to-use site and a high ranking site. Especially for sites with the good mobile user experience. Most of these templates lack the user experience considerations to boost your rankings, which effectively loses your customers before they've even landed on your page.