GPS Solutions

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First ever! Marine and Land Fleet Monitoring & Management Software.

Today's satellite global positioning system, or GPS, is the basis for a technology popular with commercial motor vehicle operators in asset management — which can include vehicles, equipment, and personnel. GPS tracking allows fleet management professionals to make the best use of these assets, to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Comprehensive and pervasive Dashboard

It was never easy to locate and manage the fleet from one central location, Our project Fleetpath360 provides you complete all-inclusive and Real-time Dashboard to view and manage your fleet with contentment and simplicity.

Maps and Routing

Maps: We consolidate one of the world's promptly and latest Real-Time GPS mapping technologies available. This grants us to provide authentic, accurate and detailed maps for the entire world.

Routing: We have built-in routing capabilities, allowing you to direct your mobile workforce to use the most efficient and cost-effective routes. Routing also enables you to route lost drivers from their current position to customer locations.

Marine Route:

Fleetpath360 is a unique application provides both land and marine Real-time mapping solutions. With advanced GPS system technology, we are heading and leading in Marine fleet management through our ultimate and easy to use features.


For any successful business proper flow of accurate information throughout the chain of employees, staff, client, manager, director etc. is precisely unavoidable. This leads to the information sharing in a convenient way.

With Fleetpath360 reporting, you have the tools much need to cut operating costs, increase employee productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Detailed analysis of your mobile assets and their respective productivity provides valuable insight for any business owner.

Alarms and notifications:

To make progress and to reduce loopholes it is really important to always get updated. Fleetpath360 is incorporated with a much-needed feature to get alarms and notifications for major to minor activities. You cannot monitor fleet 24*7, so fleetpath360 do it for you and provides you notifications of the activities done.

GPS Fleet tracking:

Fleetpath360 uses GPS Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the location of an entity or object remotely. The technology can pinpoint longitude, latitude, ground speed, and course direction of the target.

GEO Fence Fleet tracking:

Geofence is a virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS or RFID technology, that enables software to trigger a response when a GPS device (could be a mobile) enter or leaves a particular area.

Fleetpath360 enables you to create and manage as many geofences as you want, these geofences can be dynamically shown on the maps. Geofence can be increased or decreased in size depends on the area of fleet mobility.

Fleet Real-Time Status Monitoring:

Fleetpath360 enables you to monitor the status of your entire fleet within a single screen. This provides fleet management a quick and easy tool to ensure productivity and adherence to customer appointment/delivery schedules.

It shows the name of the driver and device, vehicle name, vehicle number, latitude and longitude details (in case of sea routes), the name of the location in case of (land routes) etc.

Real-Time Location Reporting:

Fleetpath360 GIS Support: Fleepath360 use Geographic information systems (GIS) (also known as Geospatial information systems) that enable users to capture, store, analyze and manage spatially referenced data.

In real time location reporting a bad factor is traffic, so by a real-time system you can get reported for a traffics jams and can change fleet route with second shortest and quickest path for the destination.

Detail trip and Vehicle history:

Fleetpath360 innovate the methodology to manage trips and provides the easy interface to manage the fleet on each trip.

Reviewing and auditing trips and vehicles are very necessary, so fleetpath360 provides a feature to capture and store a detailed history of each and every trip.

You can check the history by selecting vehicle and duration, it will show you total journeys, total distance covered etc.

Message and delivery:

Better communication always makes improved and ensured delivery without hiccups. Fleetpath360 provides you an efficient way to communicate with the client or command dispatchers or drivers of a fleet. It generates automatic notifications and alerts for each and every event.

Delivery of product can also be notified when a driver checked in the destination location set for the trip. And new command can be assigned to him, which can save time and fuel and reduce cost.