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Gps Tracking Application


GPS Tracking Application is basically web based tracking software. Add this GPS Tracker to your vehicle or a fleet and take the benefit of matchless security and tracking. With the help of this tracker we get alert messages, like when vehicle, stop or diverse from the mentioned direction or tampering. Show the routes where vehicle travels. It also helps to get reports on all sort of violation and label the areas to get SMS or email alert. Enjoy Dench features like SMS query at any point to extract current location of vehicle, get information on SMS to any point in World. User can query for nearby hotels, restaurants, ATMs or tourist locations.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Application includes below features:

  • Device Entry (Device Model, WDMtech Code)
  • Device Truck Mapping (Transporter, Truck, Device WDMtech code)
  • Journey Planner (Via with source and dest.)
  • Transporter Entry
  • Defining Archiving Range in Time
  • User-Management:- Designating officials with their phone numbers and emails to receive ALERTS and Compiled Reports
  • Stoppage
  • Diversion
  • Geo-fencing(facility IN/OUT) Notification Alerts
  • Tampering (Generated by device itself)
  • Archiving all past journeys
  • Serching with date range (Calendar support)
  • Searching archived journeys for a particular source and destination with date range
  • Reports on all sort of violations (stoppage, diversion, geo-fencing, Tampering)
  • Autosending provision of these reports to designated officials
  • Tabular and graphical representation of all such violation
  • If combined violation for a particular truck greater than 10 then blacklist truck
  • If more than 3 trucks of same transporter have more than 5 violations each then blacklist transporter
  • Current Position on the map with Identity
  • Track device group location on a map (By Transporter Type, For all same source and destination). These options should come as a layer over the map.
  • Multiple days tracking on the map
  • Supports several browser
  • Live Track
  • Multiple tracking option(Distance/time/track angle base)
  • On mouse over to truck icon should show: Truck ID, WDMtech Device Code, Driver Name, Transporter name, Journey Details like source and destination. And total journey time until that point.
  • Personalization effects: Facebook like Notifications where all alerts and getting logged.
  • All reports as mentioned are visible in this login
  • Same as in above login except personalization effects like notifications
  • All reports as mentioned are visible in this login

Product Screenshots

Allocation Details
Allocation of Transceiver
allocation of User
Assigning Vehicle
Company Registration
Driver Registration
GPS Live Tracking
GPS Tracking System
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Idling Report of Vehicle
Journey Idling Report
Landmark Report
Landmark Your Vehicle
Live Tracking on Google Map
Multi Location
Route Mapping
Set Alerts
Summary Report
Transceiver Details
Transceiver Registration
Transceiver to vehicle allowcation
User Registration
Vehicle daily report
Vehicle details
Vehicle registration
View all transceiver
View all vehicle
View company details
View transceiver detail