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  • Secure and Effortless tool for Data Migration and Transformation

    • Migrate your Data from One Website to another with Data available in multiple formats e.g. CSV, JSON, XML and directly from Database
    • Setup on your Joomla 2.5.x or 3.x Website and directly connect with your old Website database to easily migrate the Data
    • vData allows you to generate API Feed of any Data available on your Website with advance Fitlers and Access Levels
    • It allows you to visually understand how database and server performance is impacting your overall website performance.
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  • One stop for all your data Visualization needs

    • Every possible chart by Google API and beyond your imagination formatting options.
    • Absolutely dynamic chart- Picks data continuously from dynamic csv getting data from external source.
    • Zero proficient user friendliness- Data can be picked from n number of tables through SQL queries and even through in-depth filters which makes it easier to use for a new user or beginner.
    • Smart Chart concept- Facilitated with options to present single chart graphically at different pages based on current page dynamic variable.
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  • Quickly add Quiz to your site with vQuiz

    • Evaluation- Quizzes, surveys and different test are offered by vQuiz and can be used for evaluation on different criteria.
    • Questions at Random- Repetitive questions can never hold player’s interest; hence vQuiz provides you the facility to publish questions in sequence you want or even randomly in sets where none of the question gets repeated.
    • Assigning time & weightage- Authorizes you to define timelines/weightage to the test as a whole or even different timing/weightage to questions individually based on their complexity.
    • Certificate- Last but not the least Certificate/results can be generated to evaluate and display the score obtained in any of the 3 ways – a) Score Card on screen b) Certificate to email instantly c) Certificate manually by admin.
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  • Not a tool, offering you a personal assistant to manage your accounts.

    • See what you need- Authorizes you to enable/disable every section and display things on screen what exactly you need.
    • Work smart not hard- Facilitates you with options to make settings for recurring transactions and save time & efforts doing the same tedious job again and again.
    • Do not Miss- Understands the criticality of your jobs and reminds you on/before time by setting reminders for the same. Scheduling tasks is also a minute work for you now.
    • Choice on Invoice- Even invoice can also be of your choice, customize the invoice the way you want and also take advantages of free templates made available by us.
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  • Missing the Spark in your Restaurant Website? Lets make it interesting!!!

    • Shoot up your business- Now expand your business keeping a track of visitors to your site, popular articles, favorites and allow users to share about your restaurant/items on social sites ( Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus).
    • R&R- Allow user to ‘Rate and Review‘the food and services of your restaurant over the web directly through your site by simply adding this component to your site.
    • FYI- Flaunt your items and make your menu more presentable and attractive by adding their photographs, description, recipes and much more.
    • Be an entrepreneur- Yes, you heard it correct- an entrepreneur. Start your own rating and review site with the help of this component package.
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  • World’s first complete review system for all Joomla components

    • A complete system- vReview is world’s first complete review system which allows users to review, rate, star, comment, like/dislike, share which is a must in today’s Internet era.
    • Expand your business- Grow your network by letting visitors share your pages on Social media (Facebook, tweeter, Google+, tumblr, LinkedIn).
    • Anything and Everything- Subscription to post, reviews, comments, likes etc. is now with admin. They can now be subscribed as a whole or individually to the users.
    • Nil pre-deployment efforts/requirement- Its availability as a ready to use tool is astonishing, it can be used with any component of Joomla in just few deployment steps without any requirement.
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  • A very elegant and sophisticated Google Map tool

    • vMap lets you customize google map in your own way
    • Have markers data in CSV file? Let VMap put these on map
    • Have business listings in database? Let VMap put these on map
    • Let your visitors get the directions to your business in a single click
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Because We Do Miracles with Technology. We design and develop the BEST Mobile and Web applications. We are a team of enthusiastic engineers and subject matter experts.
We support and help our clients to achieve critical business results. Our client choose us because, we are best in providing desired output.
WDMtech teams are managed in a much synchronized way to complete the work on time. We have skilled teams to analyse and meet Client’s requirements.
We believe in Coding with the aim to create a concept that is original and more than just serves the purpose.
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“Masood is a great leader who takes to time to analyze your needs and only commits on things he can deliver on time and with amazing results. He has shown on many occasions that his team can be flexible and he enjoys getting to know customers and their existing IT infrastructures in order to keep delivering project on time and on budget.”
Alexander Masny (CEO) NCN Journal, Quebec (Canada)
“Working with Masood, Danish and the WDMtech team was an OUTSTANDING experience. Communication was strong at every stage of development. The team went above and beyond to deliver as promised and more! We are very glad to have work with everyone there, and look forward to future projects together.”
Daniel Levine Chief Business Manager, Korea Society, New York (USA)
“Delays to an entrepreneur can make major difference between securing future clients regardless of the customers size and the outcome may lead to securing a much larger account based on the quality and turnaround time. It's important to have a responsive team when engaging customers, and WDMtech fits that bill.”
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“Danish and Masood both are more than professional. They are personable, compassionate and very knowledgable. WDMtech attention to detail makes any aspect of our project move smoothly and timely. They are consistently attentive and thorough. I am extremely grateful.”
Steven Jupp Dalmartin Limited, London (UK)
“Working with this company is very easy and the developers often respond within 1 to 5 minutes of all replies. The work is excellent, they do the work well, they are very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I have since awarded them 2 additional projects and I am just as happy with the work I am getting on those projects as I was with this original project. Keep up the good work and thank you for being so easy to work with!.”
Greg (President) X-Tremescooters, Las Vegas (USA)


vAccount is a powerful, features rich, easy to use Accounting Software to take care all of your accounting needs. It keeps track of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income and expenses in a single place to make you more organized and more efficient.

vAccount uses Charts, graphs, and an intuitive flow-oriented interface to make it quick and easy to get an accurate picture of your finances which helps you to plan your budget.It makes beautiful graphic reports of your Income/Expense/Growth using colourful bar charts, line charts, column charts and pie charts. It can generate accurate reports as well as analyze your expenses and income for specified time periods to identify potential savings and to let you know where your money is going. It can even import/export your transactions in CSV, JSON and XML files and it's one of the most important feature of this new version. Control your budget in a simple and intuitive flow-oriented interface on your site.

You can use it for your personal, family, or company financial control. Know the total outcome or income for a given period of time, a given category or all at once. Using the handy filters, you can know how much you spend in everything in just a couple clicks. You can also print the Income/Expense statements. You can send Invoices to your client with a dynamically generated Template. If you do not want to put much time or effort into budgeting or tracking expenses vAccount is just for you.


Licensed for single domain only Contact us if you need license for multiple domains

Features & Benefits

Nested Categories

vAccount lets you Categorize your transactions infinite categories and subcategories to give you a clear picture of your Income/Expense.

  • Unlimited categories (Office goods, Salary, Bills).
  • Unlimited category levels.
  • Assign a budget to a particular category.
  • Assign a colour to a category. The category colours are prominently displayed in list views, such as Income, Expense and Recurring Transaction.

Import/Export Transactions

  • Already have lots of transaction data? Let vAccount add it to your Database with multiple data file types.
  • Import/Export transaction feature supports multiple file type:
    • CSV File (.csv)
    • JSON File (.json)
    • XML File (.xml)
  • Import/Export transaction data in an Easier and Faster way.
  • Support import your transaction data file through URL or Path.

Automatic Add Transactions

  • vAccount lets you to Add your Income and ExpenseAutomatically in an Easier and Faster way.
  • You can schedule multiple tasks to Add or Import your Transactions Data in CSV, JSON and XML file type.

Automatic Download/Backup Transactions

  • vAccount lets you to Download or backup your Income and Expense Automatically.
  • You can schedule multiple tasks toDownload or Export your Transactions Data in CSV, JSON and XML file type.
  • Ability to choose Export Action Type whether to "Append" or "Add" Export Transaction Data into File.
  • Download or export Income and Expense from specific options (like Transaction Types, Transaction Modes, Groups, Accounts, Customer/Vendor, Duration).

Advanced Graphical Reporting

  • vAccount provides numerous "Graphical Reports" to help you better visualize the progress of your Income/Expense/Growth.
  • vAccount lets you monitor your growth daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports in beautiful info graphics and data visualizations.
  • Include Pie charts, Line Charts, Column Chartsand Bar Charts.
  • Can Download or Export the Report Data into CSV File.
  • Can apply filters to Graphical Reports either or both by the properties of a main entity and the properties of related entities.
  • You can compare the difference between actual Income and Expense with budget for category with time range (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly).
  • You can track you details about who owe us or To Whom we owe.
  • You can see as well as Add Upcoming Transaction of Income and Expense.

Recurring Transactions

If you have transactions that occur on a regular basis (for example, a utility bill you pay each month), vAccount can automatically create them for you.

  • vAccount adds your recurring transactions automatically into the system.
  • Set up Unlimited Recurring Transactions.
  • vAccount lets you select your Transaction Recurrence Time daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.


  • Reminds you of your upcoming transactions.
  • You can also send an automatic reminder when a transaction is on due date, before due date and after due date.
  • Send Overdue Reminder to remind you about your overdue Transactions.


  • vAccount lets you send dynamically generated Invoices to your Customers.
  • Allows you to add Unlimited Invoice Templates.
  • You can Customize Invoice TemplatesAccording to your need.
  • Ability to select the Template for Invoice dynamically from Pre-defined Templates.
  • Can add multiple items on a single invoice.

Configuration and Powerful Access level

  • You can enable/disable a particular feature like employees, group, recurring transaction, Customers, Vendors from Configuration.
  • You can set option for site access either by User or Group.
  • You can set Expected Budget according to Duration (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly).
  • Ability to set reminders to send Email Alert before number of days you have entered.
  • You can set options to send Income and expense Notification to Admin, Clients or both.
  • A flexible and powerful Access Control Level with an easy-to-use user interface that provides the ability to set all front-end and back-end permissions for all user groups from vAccount Configuration.
  • Assign Different access levels to different users and let them manage all functionalilty and features separately.
  • Define which user groups (access levels) can add/edit/delete entries into vAccount and which can't.
  • vAccount provides the ability to change the Items, Transaction Type, Groups, Vendor and Customer Terminology according to his need under “Terminologies Tab”

Front-end managements

Users with proper permissions (setup by admin via Joomla ACL and vAccount ACL) can perform the following tasks in the front-end:

  • Add Income, Expense.
  • Edit, Delete own Records.
  • Export Income, Expense Transactions Data in CSV, JSON and XML file.
  • Setup Transactions Mode, Transactions Type, Tax, Discount and Recurring Transactions.
  • Setup Import/Export Schedule Tasks.
  • Create and customize the Invoice Templates.
  • Add Customers and Vendors.
  • Can monitor his growth daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports through various Charts.

Transactions Mode

  • Unlimited number of transaction mode (Online, ATM, Cash, Cheque, Credit Card).

Income and Expenses

  • A completely automated way to manage your Income and Expenses.
  • See your Income or Expenses for a particular date, month or year.
  • Analyse expenses by vendor, customer, department, category and period.
  • Add multiple Items to Income and Expense.
  • Display categories with different colour to easily identify in the Income and Expense View.
  • You can use filters to display specific records in Income and Expense view (Transaction Type, Transaction Mode, start data, end date, Amount Status.)
  • Create, download and Email PDF Invoice of Income.
  • Ability to mark paid/unpaid expense and income.
  • Ability to choose the customer/vendor from the User list in both Income and Expense.
  • You can also add the New user information directly from Income/Expense and can choose at the time of making Income/Expense (Transactions).

Tax and Discount

  • You can add unlimited number of Tax (VAT, Income Tax).
  • You can add unlimited number of Discount (Christmas Sale, Summer Discount).
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Amount Range for Discounts.
  • Ability to apply Tax and Discount Rules for a particular Category, on a particular Item and for a particular Country.

Other features

  • You can add unlimited number of Groups
  • Ability to add details of his Bank Accounts to keep track of his income/expense.
  • You can add unlimited number of your Customers (clients) and Vendors Information.
  • A number of predefined elements are available by default, such as Countries and their States. This list is customizable and can include your own commonly used elements.
  • More robust Filter function for each view of vAccount.
  • Filter results by date range, category, account...
  • vAccount lets you to add notes Manually as well as Automatically.
  • vAccount lets you track all the activities(like Data Manipulation, Configuration, Import/Export Transactions, Recurring Transaction, Schedules, Notifications, Reminders ).


Technical Specifications

The minimum requirements to run vAccount are:

  • PHP 5.2.4 +
  • MySQL 5.0.4 +

We recommend:

  • PHP 5.4 +
  • MySQL 5.1 +

vAccount Current Version:

  • 2.0.1


  • Q1. How to fill income/expense form with user defined transaction mode ,transaction type, customer details ?(without using listing item)
  • A1. Steps are given below: -Click on dashboard
    -Click transaction mode/transaction type/customer details
    -Fill data as per your choice
    -Then go back to income/expense tab and fill the form
  • Q2. How to download pdf invoice and send it to client?
  • A2. To Download Pdf invoice:
    -Click on income tab
    -Select title of which you want to create invoice
    -Click on create pdf, then download pdf invoice
    To send it invoice to client:
    -Click on Email tab mentioned above
    -Email will be send to the selected client
  • Q3. What is receipt upload?
  • A3. If someone wants to show their transaction details and amount then this will help in analysing the details. This you will upload, by clicking on receipt upload .
  • Q4. How to use import function ? What are csv file ? What is the meaning of invoice?
  • A4. Import Function
    -Click on import function
    -Download the csv file
    -Click on continue
    -Save your form
    CSV Files
    -Comma-separated values (csv) (also sometimes called character-separated values, because the separator character does not have to be a comma) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form. Plain text means that the file is a sequence of characters, with no data that has to be interpreted instead, as binary numbers. A csv file consists of any number of records, separated by line breaks of some kind; each record consists of fields, separated by some other character or string, most commonly a literal comma or tab. Usually, all records have an identical sequence of fields.
    -Invoice: are the receipt managed by the user for the different purpose
  • Q5. What is recurring transaction data? What is its benefit?
  • A5. Recurring transaction data are the data, help user to identify easily what his/her monthly/daily/yearly expense is, for which product he/she have to pay regularly. To activate recurring transaction we use URL that is mentioned below the reminders i.e.
    Http://{your website url}/components/com_vaccount/cron/cron.php
    -Benefit: It helps in determining REVENUE, i.e. the entire amount of income before any deduction is made.
  • Q6. What is the use of "url" mentioned at the bottom of configuration form? How to activate remainder and recurring transaction?
  • A6. It is basically used for the server setting .when we have to set date/time for reminder then this url is used by the user.
  • Q7. How to enter bulk data manually? What is the use of csv file?
  • A7. Bulk data entry done by downloading csv file. Import function is basically used to help user, to add manually bulk data.
    By using this function we will add bulk data, by downloading a csv file.
  • Q8. What if I want to set up a reminder?
  • A8. To set reminder click
    -Set value to reminder1
    (reminder1: How many days before you want to remind itself)
    -Set value to reminder2
    (reminder2: how many days before you want to send)
    Note: if value of reminder is set to zero then, reminder will drop a mail on the specified date only.
  • Q9. What is Income?
  • A9. Here income is basically used for the purpose of what we are earning form different sources/customers. This we will do in an easy step by filling values inside the form.
  • Q10. What is Expense?
  • A10. Money spent to perform work and usually reimbursed by an employee.
  • Q11. What is group?
  • A11. Here we use group to define different categories for which user work. User will categorize his work by deriving different group name. We will create new group by clicking on the group tab.
    For example : if he want to create a group for team-mates, he will create a group name teami, if he wants to create group name for different companies , then group name will be based on company’s name like ibm group, wdm tech group.
  • Q12. What is Transaction type?
  • A12. Transaction type is completely relevant to its title. Likewise: If your title is furniture then transaction type will be, office goods. Transaction type is totally relevant to title.
  • Q13. What is transaction mode?
  • A13. Transaction mode is defined as the mode where type of your transaction is defined, means by which method you are doing your payment, like, if you are paying amount online, then your transaction mode will be online transaction mode, and it will also help in categorising our amount detail also, by defining number of times transaction done by client/user by different mode.
  • Q14. What is invoice template?
  • A14. Invoice function is introduced for the easiness of the user. User can easily create exactly same type of invoice he is dreaming of. Editing options are mentioned over there.
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