In vAccount, Income is basically used for the purpose of what we are earning from different sources/customers and other forms of earnings received, in a given period of time. Now the next step is creating Income. You can Add multiple Items to Income record. To manage Income records, please go to vAccount => Income (or go to Dashboard and click on Income icon). On the page, you will see list of Income records which you created and you will be able to add/edit/delete/publish/unpublished Income records using the buttons on toolbar.

Note: if you have set the “Enable Items” option to “YES”, you will be able to Add multiple Items in the Transaction with predefined amount of that Item else you can manually enter the Amount and Quantity Value.

  • To create an Income, you can simply click on New button in the toolbar and fill-in necessary information.

vAccount Income

The table below list the important fields and it's meaning which you need to enter when you create Income.

Property Description
Title Name (title) of the Income (Transaction).
Transaction Date Tha date of the Income (Transaction).
Quantity Total Number of Items included in this Transaction. You can add the items by clicking on “Add Item” button and can set the quantity of that item.
Actual Amount The Total Amount for this Income (Transaction). Set dynamically by calculating the amount of individual item, you have selected by “Add Item” button.
Amount Status Set it to Paid or Unpaid
Transaction Type Choose the Transaction Type (category) to which this Income (Transaction) will be assigned to.
Transaction Mode Choose the Transaction Mode of Transaction (online, cash, cheque)
Select Account Select the Account by which this Transaction took place. (optional)
Customer Choose the Customer from the list from whom, Income (Transaction) is earning.
Transaction ID Set your Transaction Id.(optional)
Groups Choose the Group (Department/section/branch/sector) to which this Income (Transaction) belongs.
Comments Set your Comment or Description about Income (Transaction).
Add Item You can Add Items to Income (Transaction) and set the quantity of that item. You can add Multiple Items to the Transaction. You can also remove an item by clicking on the “Remove” button.
Create Invoice You Can Create Invoice of the this Income (Transaction) by clicking on the “Create Invoice” button on the top in toolbar.

After Creating the Invoice of Income (Transaction), Two New Buttons will be Appear on toolbar namely “Email” and “Download PDF Invoice”.

  • Email: You can send an Email to the Client/Customer you have selected for this Income (Transaction) with attachment of PDF Invoice.
  • Download PDF Invoice: You can Download the PDF Invoice.

vAccount Income

  • vAccount lets you allow to choose the user(customer) from the User's list . You can also add the New user information directly here and can choose at that time.

vAccount Income

vAccount has enhance its functionality and allow you to export your Transactions Data into Multiple File Type. On Income (Transaction) listing view, there are three buttons mentioned on the toolbar.

  • CSV Export: vAccount lets you export you Transaction Data into CSV (Comma-Separated Values) File.
  • JSON Export: vAccount lets you export you Transaction Data into JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) File.
  • XML Export: vAccount lets you export you Transaction Data into XML (Extensible Markup Language) File.

vAccount Income