vAccount lets you to Download or backup your Income and Expense Automatically. You can schedule multiple tasks to Download or Export your Transactions Data in CSV, JSON and XML file type. It provides ability to choose Export Action Type whether to "Append" or "Add" Export Transaction Data into File. You can download or export Income and Expense from specific options (like Transaction Types, Transaction Modes, Groups, Accounts, Customer/Vendor, Duration).

To setup or manage Export Schedule Task, please go to Dashboard and click on Export Schedule Task icon. On the page, you will see list of Export Schedule Task List which you created and you will be able to add/edit/delete Export Schedule Task using the buttons on toolbar.

  • To create an Export Schedule Task, you can simply click on new button in the toolbar and fill-in necessary information.

vAccount Export

Property Description
Path Enter the Path of the file to export Transaction Data.
Export Action Select Export Action. If you want to write the file without losing previous data of the file you can select “Append” and if you want to override the file with new data then select “Add”
Type Select type of your transaction type to determine whether it is of Income type or Expense type
Select Duration Set the duration of Export schedule Task()
Transaction Type Choose the Transaction Type (category) from which this Category Transactions you want to export
Transaction Mode Choose the Transaction Mode of Transaction (online, cash, cheque)
Groups Choose the Group (Department/section/branch/sector) from which this Transactions you want to export.
Select Account Choose the Account from which this Transaction you want to export
Customer Choose the Customer from which this Transaction you want to export
Vendor Choose the Vendor from which this Transaction you want to export.