When you purchase vChart extension from our site, you will receive an email contain a link to download the extension in a zip file called pkg_vchart.zip

Follow the instructions below and you will be able to install the extension easily

1. Install the Component and Modules

vChart is a Joomla Component and like any other Joomla Component, it can be installed within two clicks! The component and all the modules are included in a single package pkg_vchart.zip. The installation process is simple:

  • Login to back-end of your site.
  • Access to Extensions => Extension Manager menu item.

Install vChart

  • Browse for the file pkg_vchart.zip.

Upload & Install

  • Click on “Upload and Install” button

That’s it. Your Joomla Component has been Installed Successfully.

2. What had been installed?

When you finish the installation process, the main component and all the modules and plugins come with the extension will be installed automatically to your site. The table below lists all the items were installed and the function of them. If you want to use any of them, just find and publish it (some of requires modules, plugins were published automatically during installation process)

Item Name Extension Type Description
vChart Component Component The main component which handle all important functions.
vChart Module Module This module lets you display various types of google chart in front end in a module position on your site. Users can Export or download the Chart as Image file. It allows you to display ‘n’ no of Charts on a single page with different modules.
vChart Content Plugin Plugin This Plugin allows you to embed Charts in Articles, K2 Items and other Content Items using Keyword {vchartmodule ChartId}.

3. Subscription Check

vChart Subscription Check

Only for the First Time of using vChart, you will have to verify your subscription by your login credentials listed on www.wdmtech.com site. After the verification of your subscription, you will see the vChart Dashboard.