vChart is an advanced charting Joomla component that fulfills any data visualization need. It contains a lot of customizing options and a very simple and intuitive data input option in back end. You don't need to worry about data format to input. It eases the inclusion of charts within your articles and various module positions. It is based upon the Google API.

vChart can generate all major types of chart like. Line Chart, Area Chart, Stepped Area Chart, Timeline Chart, Column Charts, Combo Charts, Annotation chart, Geo Charts, Maps Charts, Candlestick Charts, Table Chart, Scatter Chart, Gauge Chart, Bubble Chart, Pie Charts, Slice Pie Charts. You can feed the data for your chart manually, dynamically through CSV file from backend through database and even remote server database.

vChart Scope

This tool is of best use to people from various Business areas. Few of them are listed below.

  • Corporate purposes: Make online Charts for your staff training and other corporate sections example. Growth, Loss, Income and expenses etc.
  • Stock Market or Equity Market: It plays a vital role in Stock Market for Live trading statistics, Currency fluctuation, Sell stocks, Prices conversion rate etc.
  • Financial System: Reporting and tracking the market targets of companies is best managed by creating graphs and charts to visualize data and comprehend statistics.
  • E-Learning: Charts have the power to enhance the interactivity of eLearning courses.
  • Brand promotion: Increase popularity of your brand entertaining your site visitors. To do that, just create the engaging online Charts for Joomla! And launch a challenging competition

vChart package contains 1 Component, 1 Module & 1 Plugin:

  • vChart Component: This is the main extension. Other extensions are dependent on this.
  • vChart Module: Allows you to display ‘n’ no of Charts on a single page with different modules.
  • vChart Content Plugin: You can also embed Charts in Articles, K2 Items and other Content Items using Keyword {vchartmodule ChartId}.

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