When you purchase vCompare for Virtuemart from our site, you will receive an email contain a link to download the extension in a zip file called pkg_vcompare.zip for Joomla 3.x.

Follow the instructions below and you will be able to install the extension easily

Install the Plugin

vCompare for Virtuemart is a Joomla Component, Module and Plugin package, it can be installed within two clicks! The installation process is simple:

  • Login to back-end of your site.
  • Access to Extensions => Extension Manager Menu item.

Install vCompare

  • Browse for the file pkg_vcompare.zip

Upload & Install vCompare

  • Click on “Upload and Install” button
  • You will get an installation successful message and the links to our support forum and other social media links.
  • In case you need to get in contact with us. We will always be responsive within a short span of time.
  • Once Package in installed you can reach it Plugin section and enabled this Plugin.

Create your Custom field for vCompare in Virtuemart

  • Go to the Plugin Manager and Enabled the Plugin.

Enabled vCompare

  • Go to Components > Virtuemart > Custom Fields and press New. Then as Custom Field Type select “Plug-ins”. Fill in the rest fields till the end of the page.

Custom Field vCompare

  • Once you created custom field then apply Save.

Assign Custom field for vCompare to the products

  • After the creation of the custom field for vCompare let’s go to assign it to a product.
  • Select a product and go to the Custom Fields Tab.
  • Then from the Custom Field Type list select the custom field i.e. vCompare for Virtuemart, you have created previously.

Assign Custom Field vCompare

vCompare Component and Module setting

  • Go to Components > vCompare > Apply setting parameters as per your requirement.

vCompare Component

  • Go to the Module Manager and Enabled vCompare Module and choose position where you want to publish at website.

vCompare Module


vCompare Frontend

vCompare Frontend