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vData allows you to set up Notification Email Alerts on meeting certain criteria. Notifications are sent to Admins Email or any particular person concerned with the criteria e.g. Notification about Users Not Active for past 30 Days.

You can have different Notification with different settings for sending Notification Alerts Emails. To manage Notifications, please go to vData => Notifications (or go to Dashboard and click on Notifications link in sub-menu). On the page, you will see list of Notifications which you created and you will be able to add/edit/delete Notifications using the buttons on toolbar.

Email Notifications

Note: You have to setup a Cron Job for the Notification Cron URL on your server.

To create a Notification, you can simply click on New button in the toolbar and fill-in necessary information.

The Notification Form Fields are divided into two sections. The first section is known as the "Settings" where you can fill up the main setting or rule of a Notification and second section is known as the "Template" where you can define your custom Email Template for this Notification as per your need. All parameters here will be directly affect the Notification.

Email Notifications

  • Title: - Enter the Title of the Notification Alert.
  • Notification Condition: - You can create your Notification Rule in Two ways.
    • Writing Your Query in Text Box: - Fetch your desired data by writing your custom Database Query in the Text Box.
    • Selecting Table, Columns and applying Filters: - Another method to create your Notification Rule is Selecting Table, Columns and applying filters to fetch the precise data from the table.
      • Select the table from the tables list.
      • Choose the columns of your selected Table.
      • Click on “+” icon button to apply a WHERE condition on selected table columns. You can apply multiple Where conditions.
        Email Notifications
      • Enter an additional condition if any. i.e. DAYNAME(now())=”sunday” to send Notification Email Alert only on Sunday.
      • Set the ordering on table column to fetch the data in a particular order
        Email Notifications
      • You can also execute some PHP or MySQL function like NOW(), CURDATE(), CURTIME(), time(), date() etc. Choose desired vData prefix to execute php/mysql function (i.e. for mysql function NOW(), you have to select @vdSql and write the function like "@vdSql:NOW()" and for php function date(), you have to select @vdPhp and write the function like “@vdPhp:date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”)” ).
        Email Notifications
  • Status: - Choose the status of the Notification either Enable or Disable

Email Notifications

  • Subject: - Enter the Notification Email Subject.
  • Notification Recipients: - There are multiple options to choose recipients of Notification Email
    • User Group: Choose a User Group which you want to add in Notification Recipient List (i.e. Super User).
    • Send Mail: Set “Yes” if you want to add users of joomla user manager who enabled their send Mail option and want to receive Notification Emails of Joomla.
    • Custom: Enter comma separated custom email address you want to add in Notification Recipient List.
    • Table Column: Set “Yes” and select a table column containing email address if you want to add that column in Notification Recipient List.
  • Notification Template: - Set the Notification Email Template as per your need.

Click on “Save” or “Save & Close” Button to complete the Notification Email Alert.

You can quickly create a new Notification Email Alert by simply open a Notification Email Alert and then save it as a copy by clicking on “Save as Copy” button.

Users Not Active for past 30 Days Notification Email Alert Settings.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications