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A Log is a history of actions executed through Data Migration and Management Process. Logs will be automatically created and maintained by vData, consisting of a list of activities performed. vData lets you track all the activities (like Import Process, Export Process, and Schedule/Cron). To manage Logs, please go to vData => Logs (or go to Dashboard and click on Logs link in sub-menu).

vData Logs

On the page, you will see list of Logs which the Tool created and you will be able to manage Logs using the buttons on toolbar. You can use filters to display specific records of Logs for a specific time, location, profile, type etc.

vData Logs

  • Operation: Data Migration Operation either IMPORT or EXPORT.
  • Profile Title: Profile Title using which this Data Migration Operation performed.
  • Status: Status of this Data Migration Operation either SUCCESS or FAIL.
  • Message: Message displayed after executing this Data Migration Operation.
  • Table: Table Name from/to this Data Migration Operation performed.
  • Import/Export Start: Time when this operation has started.
  • Import/Export Finish: Time when this operation has Finished.
  • Time Elapsed: Total Time Taken by Tool in executing the Data Migration Operation.
  • User: User who performed this Data Migration Operation.
  • Executed via: Location where this operation performed either Administrator Area or at Site or via Cron.
  • Log File: Path to Log file of this Data Migration Operation generated by the vData.