This module lets you display Google Map in front end with an option to display multiple markers with different icons and content. It's quite easy to add as many markers as you want using vmap component parameters either with Lat Long or address or directly from your existing database location on map. You can setup this module according to your need.

Choose “Extension Manager” from the main menu. Click “Module Manager” and start searching the product by using keyword: “vMap” or using Joomla filter to quickly find and publish vMap module at any module position.

Property Description
vMap Category Choose a vMap Category which you want to display on the Map module from the list of vMap Categories you have created in the vMap Component.
Show List Set “YES” if you want to show Markers information present on the Map in list on the vMap module
Zoom Level at Info-window open Set Zoom level of Map on info window open of a particular marker on the vMap module. It shouldn’t greater than 18.
Load jQuery Set “YES” if you want to load the jQuery Library.

Front End Output:

vMap with Markers and Listing

vMap Front End Output

vMap with Directions

vMap Front End Output