vQuiz is a very simple, enhanced and fascinating quiz tool, with flexible features user can enjoy with ease. vQuiz provides ability to create various quizzes to evaluate respondent's level of knowledge. vQuiz uses Charts, graphs, and an intuitive flow-oriented interface to make it quick and easy to get an accurate picture of quizzes and their results. It makes beautiful graphic reports of your Quizzes as well as Users using colourful line charts, column charts and pie charts.

create and administer different Types of the Quizzes likewise Trivia Quiz, Personality Quiz, Audio/Video Quiz, Survey, Polls etc. Further User can add different Categories of Quizzes, likewise sports, general knowledge, general science, history, technology etc. User can also upload image to describe the Category as well as Quiz. User can successfully use it as a big quiz system in worldwide. Admin can set different text for different scores to display at the end of the Quiz. User can send as well as download the certificate to his/other email id with a dynamic Email template defined by the admin based on the user’s score. User can easily share Quiz on social networking sites. At the end of the Quiz user is represented with score obtained with a Graph.

vQuiz facilitated with Special JomSocial and Community Builder integration plugins which allows to display User's created quizzes and quizzes played Results on their JomSocial and Community Builder profiles. vQuiz also featured by a Flexible Dashboard with a variety of widgets including various types of graphs, charts and pivot tables to create interactive, interesting and insightful dashboard. A large variety of Widgets provided to admin and users (in Frontend) by vQuiz to give insight about the Quizzes, Quiz Players, Quiz Results, Scores etc. to let you monitor and analyze Quiz Players performance.

vQuiz comes with a very cool feature know as Branching (also known as contingency branching) to make your quizzes and surveys more effective and interactive. With branching scenarios you can decide which question the user has to answer next depending on his choices. Branching quizzes can dramatically improve user retention of knowledge.

For detailed information about the product, please visit http://www.wdmtech.com/vquiz

This Documentation is designed specifically for vQuiz Joomla Component installed on Joomla 3.x.

This following sections contains the information for managing vQuiz by an administrator or Authorized User from the administration area.