To manage and setup these plugins, please login to back-end, Access to Extensions => Plugins Menu item.

Setup vQuiz plugins

Note: The plugins you install for the component by default have a Not Published status. To be able to use them, go to Extensions > Plugins and click Publish next to the needed items.

Community Plugins for JomSocial

The Community, or Profile, plugin, also known as an application, is the most widely used type of plugin in JomSocial. All of Community plugins for JomSocial associated with vQuiz can be found in vQuiz installation package and are compatible with Joomla 3.x.

User Plugins for Community Builder

To install vQuiz Plugins for Community Builder, you have to go in Plugin section inside Community Builder component, not the standard Joomla Extension Manager. Click on “Community Builder” of Top Menu and then click on “Plugin Management” menu. Click on “Install CB Plugin” button to install vQuiz Plugins.

User Plugins for Community Builder

Browse the Plugin zip file and click on “Upload & Install” button. To be able to integrate your vQuiz Plugins with CommunityBuilder, make sure you have installed vQuiz Plugins and enabled in Community Builder Plugins Section .

User Plugins for Community Builder

After Enabling the vQuiz Plugins, go to Tab Management Section of Community Builder and create a new Tab for vQuiz Plugins.