vQuiz Dashboard is very flexible and extremely easy to use with fully Responsive Widgets, which help you to create your own unique Charts, Lists, Any important Database value with full customization capability. It has User friendly UI (User interface) and very easy data input methods. The main page which loads when you click on Components -> vQuiz after installing the extension and verifying your subscription, is called the Dashboard screen.

vQuiz Dashboard

Dashboard provides access to several functional and mini applications called widgets. Dashboard is the central place in the extension which allows you to:

  • Easy access to important tasks in the extension such as Creating as well as managing several types of Widgets on Dashboard with different data set combination.
  • Access to useful links such as Documentation page of vQuiz, the links to our various Support Channels and Contact us Page.
  • Configuration Link to configure vQuiz settings.
  • It provides you with a quick overview of information you use daily—like Top Played Quizzes, Total Played Quizzes, Today Played Quizzes, Player Top Score, and whatever you can think of available in your Database.
  • A few pre-built monitoring and visual analysis widgets that provide immediate productivity.
  • Provide an important sub-menu links to reach other layouts in vQuiz Component.
  • Here you can quick analyze your reports for Top Played Quizzes, Total Played Quizzes, Today Played Quizzes, Player Top Score, Average Score, No. of Visitors on your site, No. of Daily User Registrations etc. in an attractive way in the form of Line Chart, Area Chart, Stepped Area Chart, Column Chart, Geo Chart, Table Chart, Bar Chart and Pie Chart.
  • Within each report, you can apply advance formatting parameters and create filters (Quiz Type (Trivia Quiz, Personality Quiz, and Survey), Quiz Category, Age Group, Time Range (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) etc) to drill down into the data and display specific results.
  • You can add any number of widgets on Dashboard with Flexible width & height.