vRestaurant allows you to add Restaurant Facilities for your Restaurant which gives you a clear picture of your Restaurants to your Customer. On a typical Restaurant Listing system, you will have different Facilities for your Restaurants into. To manage Facilities, please go to Dashboard and click on Facilities icon. On the page, you will see list of Facilities which you created and you will be able to add/edit/delete/publish/unpublished Facilities using the buttons on toolbar.

Create new facility

  • To create a Facility, you can simply click on New button in the toolbar and fill-in necessary information.

vRestaurant Facility

  • The table below list the important fields and its meaning which you need to enter when you create Facility.
Property Description
Title Name (title) of the Facility available in your Restaurant.
Alias Auto generated alias from Title.
Description Enter description of the Facility.
Access Level Choose the access level which you want to be able to access to this Facility (default is Public). By choosing an access level, only users from Joomla groups have this access level can access to the Facility.
Language Allows you to create Facility in different languages. Choose language for your Facility.
Status Set this Facility status to Published/Unpublished.
Featured Set this Facility either Featured or not. Set “YES” if you want to make this Facility featured.
Icon If the Facility has thumbnail image/icon, you can browse for the image/icon to upload it for the Facility