Before using the extension, you need to access to Configuration function of the extension to change configuration data to meet your purpose. When you first install the extension, the system auto generates default configuration data. To change these configuration parameters, please login to back-end, access to vReview => Configuration. All settings here apply to the vReview Component.

Most of the basic configuration settings that affect the entire vReview are here in Configuration. Be sure to review all the options here when setting up a configuration to ensure that the basic configuration matches what you want. There are many configuration parameters, the meaning of each parameter is explained on their tooltip, and they are easy to understand. I will just explain the meaning of important parameters in the below section:

vReview configuration

  • You can enable/disable a particular feature like Send Like/Dislike Notification to Admin, Send Review/Comment Notification to Admin, and Send Report Notification to Admin.
  • Ability to set Date and Time Format.

vReview Dashboard