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As we have mentioned earlier in this document that all modules comes with this extension will be installed automatically to your site. Those modules are:

  • 1. vReview Module
  • To manage and setup these modules, please login to back-end, Access to Extensions => Modules Manager Menu item.

vReview Setup Modules

You will find a list of modules installed on your site.

Setup vReview Module

This module displays the Review Form and list of all the Reviews in a module position on your site. Users can Rate and Review the product/page by using the Review Form based on particular profile on the site. It display N no of Reviews and can load more review by clicking on button “Load More” via AJAX. You can setup this module according to your need.

vReview Setup Modules

Property Description
Select Profile Choose the Profile name from list according to your need. It display Review Form and list of Reviews based on the selected Profile settings.
Show Over All Rating Set “YES” if you want to show Over all (Average) Rating of that Product/page.
Show Layout Message Select Yes to display message if layout is not matched with corresponding profile.
Enable Facebook Comment Select Yes if you want to enable Facebook comments so that Users are able to comment on the Product/page. If you enabled Facebook Comment then any of vReview functionality will not work.
No of FB Post Set FB comments limit to be display in the module.
Enable Facebook Like Select Yes if you want to enable Facebook Like Button
Enable Facebook Share Select Yes if you want to enable Facebook Share Button

vReview Setup Modules