It is one of the most flexible CMS provides all-time digital solutions developed for interactive websites and high-performance mobile applications.

Drupal is open source software which promotes faster deployment. In order to develop a cool website, Drupal allows you with the maximum control over the content and to make modifications and the transformations with complete flexibility. Our team at Kinex Media has a core expertise in this field and they use Drupal because of its magnificent and wonderful features. Drupal CMS is massively scalable and it is admired for its rock-solid security and one can easily develop and produce the content.

  • Strategy & Consulting: A strategy is the main reason behind success in any field and same is the case with online business. Thus we meet up with you to understand your business needs and understand your vision, to start working on the perfect Drupal website development for your business. We also provide necessary suggestions along with personal training to make your online business bigger success.
  • UX Testing: Our Drupal experts always focus on creating user-centered web designs and always use UX testing as the tool to develop amazing looking and highly functional websites. We always research your target audience needs and create perfect websites accordingly with easy usability, smooth navigation, and cutting-edge design.
  • Web Development: We develop high performance and eye-catching website using Drupal. We are the leading Drupal Development Company. We have hired the best web development experts from around the world, who use their years of experience to develop world-class websites with all 3rd party integrations like social media, blogs and payment methods.
  • Mobile & Applications: We understand this perfectly that how convenient it is to organize the content of your website from multiple devices. Thus, we create responsive & mobile UX tested web designs that work perfectly on all mobile apps used in phones with operating systems like Android, iOS etc.
  • Maintenance & Support: It is our belief that our relationship with our clients doesn't end right after we deliver the websites, instead it becomes stronger. We provide proper support and maintenance for your website to update its security, software, and components regularly to ensure high quality always.
  • Content & Marketing: We are the leading online marketing experts in Toronto and we utilize the finest proven marketing strategies to help your business reach its potential customers around the world. We do all kinds of online marketing like email, social media, blogging, and content marketing.