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Generations recognizes us by what we hold for them…

Self-Commitment to serve the globe with 3H that are Honesty, Humanity and Hard work encourage us to do something special
for the society we live in. WDMtech team offers the next generation with the latest technologies and digital advancement.
We are connecting the folks and businesses with technology in such a way to cut back the gap to aught.

Since 2013, WDMtech has served as a web and mobile development team to many firms all over the planet, being repeatedly
recognized for developing innovative solutions. It is led by committed, young and dynamic professionals with in-depth expertise,
experience and knowledge in Web and Mobile application development.

The Real Us:

There is no replacement for experience, and this is clearly shown in our stats.

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Our mission is to unlock and unleash the creative technology helping the globe – by setting standards of excellence for Digital Transformation. The fundamental principles of the WDMtech is to innovate, transform and digitalize the globe and inspire others to do the same. With enthusiastic efforts, we successfully deliver quality, satisfactory and promising Web and Mobile Application solutions and services for SMBs and Enterprises to validate the success of our mission.



We put our customers at the center of what we do. We value, challenge and reward our people. We drive excellent sustainable financial performance. We also know the importance of effective communication. Our corporate culture reflects our understanding that successful business relationships are built on long term mutual gain, not short-term expediency. We also know that forming strategic partnerships with our clients is key to success.



A global leader in mobile and web technology – our vision gives us a sense of direction and destination. It captures our aspiration of being the best in all what we do. It is the basis for what we all stand for as one company. Our vision and our values guide the choices and decisions our employees make every day.

Our Approach

Respecting clients, customers and staff is something that defines our Values. We tend to pass correct info,
hide no details or terms and conditions, never disclose unexpected costs later in the middle of
the project and honestly follow deadlines and directions.


Customer Centric

We create each call by taking customers in thought. We tend to act as drawback solvers, formidable towards their goals and maintain robust bonding.



We are honest, open and direct in all conversations whether consulting, questioning, reporting, notifying and sharing every bit of information.



We take responsibility, encourage people to accept their shortcomings and improve them, this improves the team and client’s service/product performance.



We assign dedicated teams to be very much focused on the very same project until the end of it. It helps to bring high productivity with quality products/services.



We believe in being honest and have strong moral principles. We follow robust ethical standards that benefit partners, customers, and entire employee base.



We play a job of somebody adapt the change and still deliver the simplest and best. We perpetually engaged in result-oriented innovations for our clients.

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Technologies We Are Smart In

We are the platform where you never have to look for other channels to get your work done. From induction to
completion of project we have experts of different technologies always ready to serve you. Even after post
completion of web development project we provide you dedicated support and maintenance.

Field of Specialization


Online Survey and Quiz solution


GPS with Fleet management system


Restaurant Management System


E-Commerce solutions


Business Management Solution


Maps and Charts Tool


Online Design & Print Solution


Data Management Solution

Quiz and Survey Solutions

Designing Services

  • iconLogo and Identity: (Logo, Business Card, Letterhead and Envelop, Facebook cover)
  • iconResponsive, simple and skill full Web and Mobile App Design
  • iconBusiness and Advertising (Social Media posts, backgrounds, covers and logos)
  • iconLanding Pages Design
  • iconWebsite Re-design
  • iconPPT Development
  • iconSuperior Web Content
  • iconNeat & Clean User-friendly Navigation
  • iconImprove Loading Speed of Webpage
  • iconWeb Browsers and Platform Compatibility
  • iconCustom website design
  • iconPSD to XHTML/HTML 5.0
Restaurant Management

Development Services

  • iconNative Mobile Apps for Android and IOS
  • iconWeb App Development
  • iconProgressive Web Apps
  • iconHybrid App Development
  • iconLarge Scale Enterprise Solutions
  • iconSmall and Medium Scale Solutions
  • iconE-commerce B2B and B2C development
  • iconCMS and CRM Development
  • iconIntegration and Updation
  • iconCustomized Solution
Restaurant Management

Marketing Services

  • iconSearch Engine Optimization
  • iconSearch Engine Marketing
  • iconConversion Rate Optimization
  • iconOnline Reputation Management
  • iconSocial Media Marketing
  • iconEmail Marketing
  • iconMobile App Marketing
  • iconApp & web Analytics
  • iconPay Per Click
  • iconContent Marketing
  • iconDigital Strategy
  • iconProduct And Service Launch
  • iconAccount-Based Marketing

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