Together, We Do Miracles

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Long time back, two minds came together for a social cause to advance the technology and to make a difference. Danish and Masood (Computer Science students) wanted to create some sort of social impact by their idea of innovation by the use of fastest growing IT infrastructure.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Deeply inspired by father of the nation, they themselves started working on an idea to be a part of the innovation of technology and to serve the world with something new which is full of ideas, beauty and inspiration for the coming generations.

As both of them didn’t wanna be a part of the same daily routine job, they left their jobs and started their new learning process for gaining leadership skills to become a Leader.

They started a joint venture in 2013 named WDMTech. Initially, it was a small setup but enough for two learners to mold themselves into professionals. The startup was difficult with no backup to survive but not enough to give up the courage they endorsed in themselves.

WDMTech experienced much ups and downs in initial years that helped them grow more stronger. Both had persisted for nearly two years of hard struggle.

Negativity and Ideas of quitting were a million miles away from their mind and they started searching for experts from the streets of India who have killer programming skills hidden from the world somewhere in the dark.

Their battle rewarded them with few warriors of Coding and designing. With a little bit of grooming of knowledge, the team became a workforce to deliver the desired result.

By more hiring and training, WDMTech started providing employment and that was the first achievement towards their Goal of supporting individuals and changing their lives.

WDMTech never compromised with discipline and professionalism.

This leads to a healthy relationship with clients, who awarded more and more projects to them.

Also, they started saving some part of their profit for charity as they promised themselves to be a part of the social cause.

WDMTech first success was marked with the launch of its very intuitive product vQuiz in the year 2013.

Then without breaks every year it launched a number of products for business, accounting, Data handling, education and learning, e-commerce etc.

Now, WDMtech is all time high with a great boost in revenues. It is committed with a wide range of services ranging from web designing, web development, CMS Customization, Mobile App Development, Customized Software solution, GPS solution to Quality Assurance and Testing with great expertise.

Future is going to be full with advancement and innovation in technology and we are here to fill the gaps.

WDMTech is having a dedicated and expert team for each service to complete the job with excellence. Every individual of the team is much efficient to complete the task before the given deadline which saves the client money and time efficiently.