Enterprise Software Solutions

Why To Opt Enterprise Software Solution?

Enterprise market is growing with high pace and is expected to be worth approx. $50 billion up to a year or two,
it is the future of technology and have already a huge positive impact on the businesses revenues of enterprises.
WDMtech keeps your business operational functions on and going by delivering automated enterprise application
software with complete maintenance, support, integration, customization and future Updation.

  • iconExperience the transformation with digital innovative strategies that helps to achieve business targets.
  • iconImproves operational efficiency, productivity, process & task execution and the quality of end-product.
  • iconWitness and ensure decision-making capabilities to the next level for the senior management and other employees.
  • iconEnjoy a fully featured and scalable solution that encompasses advance digital innovations for changing needs and requirements of businesses.
  • iconMaximize benefits by reducing overall cost and manage risks in a better and appropriate way.

What our Enterprise Software Solution offer?


Centralized Management

All-in-one solution helps you in one-point communication and information storage which makes coordination and data access easier than ever.


Process Automation

Automate common tedious tasks including order entry, payroll, accounting, invoicing, reporting, and more which saves 90% of your time.


Data Analysis

Analyzed data helps you create customizable leads, quotes, invoices and budget, predict demand and improves forecast & future decision making.


Visualization & Reporting

We offer Interactive visualization, notification & advanced Reporting with separate Dashboards for Owner, Employees, Vendors, & Clients.



Manage every aspect of sales and revenue for your payment processing, sales analysis, expense management, payment gateway integration and more.


Tracking and Control

Track sales, production & staff productivity and control features like ACL, Import/Export, Schedule Tasks, Dynamic Widgets, Cron, Email Templates etc.

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What you achieve with what we serve?

Enjoy the benefits of Transforming your business and advancing it to future digital platform.
WDMtech, by its Enterprise solution makes you achieve your goals with several
advantages in your hands. See, what our solution offers you:

  • iconRevenue Boost with Reduced Business Cost
  • iconImproved Collaboration & Productivity
  • iconSimplified Compliance and Risk Management
  • iconImproved Inventory Handling
  • iconImproved Production and Resource Management
  • iconScale Available Resources as Needed
  • iconMaximize Reliability of IT Infrastructure
  • iconStandardized Process with Less manual Error
  • iconImprove Supply Chain Management
  • iconHigher Customer Retention
  • iconReal-Time Access to Information
  • iconEnsure Regulatory Compliance

Why Choose Us?


Native and Cross Platform Development

Our code-poets are enough proficient in providing progressive web apps and Native Android & IOS Apps.


Customize The Way You Like It

We can customize any tailor-made solution to make it best fit for your business domain and to achieve goals you set.


Digital Marketing Campaigns

We boost your growth with extra-ordinary digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, ORM, SMM, Content Marketing etc.


Get Running In No Time

No need to develop anything from scratch, we provide you tailor made solutions, saves you a lot of time and development cost.

Our Big Hits

Our success stories signifying our inspiring endeavor behind the scene.

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