Spread A Magic of E-commerce with MAGENTO

Few things on the internet work wonders. There are plenty of platforms available when it comes to e-commerce development. While choosing a platform to own an online store, the number of thoughts come into mind:

  1. Open-Source Platform
  2. Large Support Community
  3. Security and flexibility
  4. Availability of a large number of plugins
  5. Fully featured platform with easy customization and integration etc.

One can look for a feature or two as per the need and requirement for his e-commerce business and select the most suitable platform for his e-commerce site. What if all these features are available under one platform with intensive security?

What should I Use then?

Yes, One of the most prominent and most promising e-commerce platforms available on which you can rely is MAGENTO. It is an open-source e-commerce platform and is loaded with a large category of awesome and useful features. You can put it in the category of “Legend” of e-commerce world.

Why Magento is the best option for me?

Magento is a highly flexible open-source eCommerce platform on which you can easily develop fully scalable and better small, medium, and large-scale online stores. Security, support, and features are always crucial for every e-commerce store and Magento is best in that. You can achieve your dreams by using Magento and its features. So, it is one of the trusted platforms of many customers.

  • Magento is used by 13% of all the websites which content management system is known.
  • Magento is the most renowned and used eCommerce platform, with a market share of 31%.

What does it cost to me?

Basic edition of Magento is free and is popular as Magento community edition. However, in case of adding more features to increase the functionality or for integration or customization of your store you need to buy some extensions. For this purpose, there is another version available for Magento i.e. Magento Enterprise Edition, with lots of functionalities and features which community edition is lack with. So, cost of online store can vary as per features and also depends on the mode of business like B2C or B2B.

What version of Magento should I opt?

In case of creating a small and medium scale online store, you can simply go with Magento Community edition. Enterprise edition is better option in case of the requirement of more functionality and performance.

If you are looking to select between Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x, then you should go with Magento 2 as its support is fully active and it is the most recommended version of Magento.

What features will I get?

There is enough in Magento to offer you. You can bring out the best e-commerce online store through some impeccable features mentioned below:

Magento Features

  • Catalog Management
  • Tools for advertising and marketing
  • Fully SEO Centered
  • Mobile Friendly Commerce
  • Order Management
  • Complete Site Management
  • Checkout, Shipping and payment
  • User Account
  • Customer Service International Support
  • Tracking, analytics and Reporting

Do any popular organization use it?

Obviously, There are many proud and popular brands using Magento as an e-commerce platform. It is also the most popular ecommerce platform, as large number of retailers choose Magento. Some of the popular brands are:

  • Victoria Beckham
  • Oliver Sweeney
  • Liverpool FC
  • Land Rover
  • Helly Hansen
  • Christian Louboutin
  • MADE
  • Odd Bins
  • Vizio
  • Fred Perry

Do I worry about security in Magento?

Security is of the important factor behind the success of Magento. It offers great functionality for making store secured from attackers. And from the customers point of view they always give preference to those stores on which they feel secure for online transactions. So, Magento is a best choice for building fully secured ecommerce store.

Where to find Magento development services?

The language used behind Magento is PHP, which was developed by Varien, Inc, a US private company with the help of volunteers. One of the best services providing firm for e-commerce development is WDM Tech. It is one of the ROI driven, full scale digital transformations firm leading in consultancy, enterprise solutions, digital infrastructure solutions and website and mobile application development. Visit www.wdmtech.com to own one of the best e-commerce online store in B2c and B2B verticals.

Migration is Journey from History to Future: Magento1 to Magento2

There are numerous reasons to use the internet as a shopping hub. Both businesses and customers have the ultimate benefits to sell and shop through e-commerce. As the number of e-commerce businesses is rising at a steady pace, competition is undoubtedly going to be highly intensified in the coming years. Everything matters when it comes to leading the business to a higher level.

One needs to improve at every precise level to sustain an e-commerce business. At last, the ultimate goal is to reach the customers and make them buy services and products. Primary interaction and first impressions with the customers are the keys to impressing them and leaving a positive impact on their minds. This can be done only through the e-commerce website or application you are developing for your business.

Now, when it comes to developing an e-commerce store, anyone could be messed up with lots of platforms and CMS. Go through this blog and eradicate the confusion and compulsions to take a firm decision. One of the platforms with stylish and state-of-the-art e-commerce features fulfilling the demands of today’s generation is MAGENTO.

Magento is a new-fashioned platform that shoot-up your business to new heights. It was floated into the market on March 31, 2008, by Varien using the Zend framework. Few of the reasons why Magento is adapted widely are:

  • Strong e-commerce segment with advanced features makes it a platform of choice for the most fortunate businesses around the globe. This leads the Magento platform to a much higher growth rate in comparison with the market.
  • At its core, it addresses issues like user segmentation, security, customization, SEO behavior, speed, control, etc to improve the overall performance of a website.
  • Whether in terms of growth in transaction values or considering the customer reach using this platform instead of competing platforms, Magento performs extra-ordinary.

Certain Facts about Magento:

  • More than 5K extensions are available for Magento, many of them are free.
  • More than 3.8K Magento developers are listed in Magento’s directory.
  • According to google, the term “Magento” was searched more than the word “E-commerce”.
  • Magento 2 can handle 10 million page views in an hour.

Since its launch, Magento is being updated continuously for the last 10 years. It all started with Magento 1.0 and then followed by Magento 1.1 to 1.9.x. On November 30, 2011, the next generation of Magento was launched named “Magento 2.0”. This is also followed by Magento 2.0.1 to 2.0.15 and 2.1.0 to 2.1.9.

Magento is kept evolving over the years, providing updates with additional features and bug fixes. On August 4, 2017, Magento 2.2.0 was launched and followed up by Magento 2.2.8 on March 26, 2019. The latest development brings out Magento 2.3.1 over version 2.3.0 which was launched on November 28, 2018.

Why use Magento 2 for your e-commerce?

Magento is here in 2020 with its latest version that gives a lot to the universality and extensibility of the platform. better UI, improved shopping experience, performance improvement, responsive theme, better code quality, and streamlined interface. We will discuss each and every aspect below in detail:

  1. Exceptional Performance:
    The areas of improvement Magento covers in its latest version are that the amount of code is reduced, browser rendering is increased, for order processing separate database is introduced, Image compression is improved, and static content caching is used. Also, the query performance is immensely speedy through the improvement in Indexers.
  2. Graceful design Improvements:
    Admin user interface has been exclusively improved in Magento 2. It holds added safeguards that help multiple administrators to work on a single website simultaneously. This makes the team work more efficiently and helps update everything within no time for large stores having thousands of products.
  3. Flexible Architecture with New Features:
    Architecture improvements of a Magento include advanced security measures, a new framework library, the automatic testing framework being integrated, module management improvement, better API functionalities, and ease to upgrade.
  4. CSS Pre-processing:
    Instead of Bootstrap, Magento uses CSS and LESS in its theme core. To find and publish CSS files together, Magento has a publisher. This publisher supports pre-processing of files being published. Magento 2 helps to enhance performance, increase page loading speed and make a page more SEO friendly using LESS pre-processor and CSS URL resolver.
  5. Improved Customer Experience:
    The checkout process has now become much speedy, transparent, and Zip code friendly. PayPal integration has been improved in Magento 2. The registration process is much more simplified with only email address verification. Also, the checkout page executes shipping rate calculations in a speedy way without loading excessive JavaScript.

Five famous websites on Magento 2:

Land Rover: https://www.landrover.in

Cox and Cox: https://www.coxandcox.co.uk

Timex: https://www.timex.com

Sigma Beauty: https://www.sigmabeauty.com

Cultcha Kids: https://www.cultchakids.com.au

It is recommended for start-ups to have an e-commerce store on Magento 2. Also, businesses using Magento 1 platform are advised to migrate to Magento 2. For the migration process, you need a professional service provider. WDMTech is one of the known brands providing services to develop Magento-based e-commerce solutions. WDMTech has a smooth, agile, and effective procedure to migrate any version of Magento to Magento 2. More information can be checked by visiting the link www.wdmtech.com.


Why Magento is the Top-Rated E-Commerce Platform of the Future?

Every passing year Magento is proving to be one of the most futuristic and widely adopted E-Commerce platforms. In 2018, Adobe realized the potential of the Magento E-Commerce platform and announced its acquisition to further added brand value and quality to it.

Since then, Magento is continuously heading to improve its e-commerce business techniques and deliver the best technology to its customers. It is taking over the latest technologies to lead the tech-savvy market.

Let us see, what is inside Magento’s Bag of Future in 2022 !!

Power Kick of Magento on eCommerce Platform

  • With 1,00,706 websites it is the closest competitor of OpenCart, PrestaShop, GoDaddy Online Store, and BigCommerce.
  • Magento holds a 0.6% market share of all the world’s websites.
  • On average e-commerce platform developed on Magento grows three times faster than other platforms.
  • 80% of the revenue of most companies is increased after shifting to the Magento E-Commerce Platform.
  • With a yearly transaction of more than $155 billion, it is connected with some of the most popular brands like Nike, Ford, Nestle Nespresso, Jaguar & NCG, HP Inc., JCB, etc.

Are We Really Into The Future?

  • Magento is continuously working on a framework called the Monolith framework that constitutes the PHP framework and combines its front-end and back-end.
  • Similar Models favor small businesses that don’t have the coffers to work with disparate systems.
  • E-commerce is diverting steadily toward multi-services platforms and is becoming more and more flexible.
  • The Specialized Engineering team of Adobe is planning to leave the PHP monolith and switch to Adobe’s microservices in near future. Because of this, small and medium-scale businesses won’t be using the monolith system for Magento in the coming days.
  • In fact, in September 2021, an alliance was created with the name, Mage Open-Source Community Alliance. The purpose of this alliance was to create the codebase of Magento to support small-scale businesses that want to stay on the Monolithic framework.

How Magento Store is reforming technology with Artificial Intelligence?

Machines making decisions, performing scheduled, and automated tasks are well integrated with Artificial Intelligence. Today’s generation is already surrounded by it and applying it in everyday life. Internet of things technology, Virtual assistance like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and many other software and applications that are fully developed with Artificial Intelligence is hitting the market with a great boom.

Artificial Intelligence gives adequate innovative and phenomenal AI applications in the eCommerce industry, where there is virtually unlimited user data to be managed and extracted to produce noteworthy results.

You can use the following Magento AI features:

  • Create real-time customer profiles
  • B2B and B2C insights
  • Privacy control
  • The product recommends using AI
  • Live Search based on AI
  • AI Voice Assistance
  • AR/VR Selling improvements for the automated shopping experience
  • Customer’s journey automated prediction
  • Real-Time insights on shopping trends on multiple channels
  • Automated product recommendations for every shopper by predicting their preferences based on shopping history

How is the Powerful Context-Based Search helping customers?

Much important feature for any customer is the performance of the Product Search Section. AI is adding some much-needed improvements for better and relevant results. Search context is being used in place of conventional keywords. AI used NLP to deliver more accurate and relevant results to the users.

Will Progressive Web Apps integration in Magento gives it a lead?

This latest technique of Progressive web apps allows you to deliver a phenomenal user experience on mobile applications. Such a futuristic and fast-flashing technology allows users to work offline and behaves like native apps on mobile.

Magento’s PWA Studio is the futuristic tool delivering a cross-browser compatible platform to develop PWA-based online stores which are faster and highly responsive in comparison with other e-commerce platforms.

With future upgrades, Magento is going to bring certain fantastic features which will definitely change the way of e-commerce operation and management. These are:

  • PWA – Global theming/styling
  • Custom product attributes
  • Performance optimizing
  • PWA – Shopping and cart improvements
  • Server-side rendering
  • Extensibility improvement
  • PWA – Bundle product type

How Magento is dealing with Headless Commerce?

In near future, Magento is going to promote Multi or Omni channel sales using headless commerce.

This methodology delivers an API-based e-commerce functionality by separating both the front-end and back-end and allows it to be sold on other e-commerce channels and platforms too.

Magento also provides features like GraphQL and 500+ Rest operations. Future upgrades will be coming with Personalize and page builder settings that will definitely help the developer to build a customized front end.

The next GraphQL upgrades include Personalize and Page builder features. It will help you build more customized front ends. Developers have the flexibility to handle multiple front-end from a unique and single back-end.

By using the same API, you can connect it with other third-party tools. So, the feature of headless e-commerce of Magento involves:

  • Creating new touchpoints in IoT devices
  • Single page and multi-page web apps
  • Mobile-friendly apps
  • Uniform content across touchpoints

Will Magento’s future upgrades Improve Personalized Marketing?

Some reports and research data show that personalized selling is getting popularity with 40% revenue growth. Magento is ahead in the competition with the superb tools mentioned below:

  • Adobe Target
  • Real-time Customer Data Platform
  • Buy Online, Pickup in Store
  • Personalized payment for easy checkout
  • Marketo Engage – A Complete Marketing Tool Kit with Automatic Marketing Campaigns and AI Predictive Customer Segments
  • Customer experience personalization with active listening features.

What is Magento’s Advanced PIM Solution?

Every single day, Magento is updating technology and making it smarter. In 2018, Magento announced a tool called Akeneo.

Akeneo is a Product Information System (PIM) and is purely an open-source solution from Magento.

After the collaboration, Magento is feature rich with the management and unification across the Magento platform with ERP and CMS.

Before the partnership, the PIM options were limited in Magento. You can now unify product data across Magento, ERP, and CMS. Akeneo directly improved Magento’s PIM section.

Akeneo has enhanced Magento’s product management. Its main features include:

  • Control product data on a single interface
  • Manage product categories, attributes, and types
  • Sync product data on all channels
  • Boost conversion rates up to 4x

For fast integration among Akeneo PIM and other Magento Tools, REST API Technology is used by Magento 2.

How does the Amazon Sales Channel Increase sales on amazon?

Amazon Sales Channel is an extension of Magento that is very robust and inclusive. It provides the opportunity for e-commerce owners to sell their products on Amazon.

Open an e-commerce account on the Amazon Seller Central (ASC) Platform for selling products on Amazon. ASC regularly auto-synchronizes the catalogue and order data for both platforms.

Some of the features of Magento’s latest updates involve:

  • Seamless integration
  • Intelligent pricing
  • Listing management
  • Fulfilment management
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Business pricing (B2B)

Magento is constantly upgrading its software and adding new features. We will see more improvements in performance and security.

For further details of Magento and its extensions update, you can follow wdmtech.com bogs.

We are living in a world always looking for higher standards and better scientific reasoning. Magento is an e-commerce solution developed in such a way that its every update is creating a positive impact on the masses. If you are looking for a Magento-based solution WDMTECH is the right choice for you.

SO why to wait? Open your e-commerce business now with comprehensive support from WDMTECH.

The Upwork Success Story

In 2013, on a dusky evening, we, Danish and Masood, came out of office with resignation letters in our hand having mixed feeling of fear and freedom, uncertain future, but had a siege of relief to start a new life. There were spontaneous exchanges of pleasantries as the mind wandered down the memory lane exploring those lovely days we had spent at Aligarh Muslim University almost a decade ago. We never knew what was in store after this decision or that this decision would change our lives forever.

Off late then, we completed the graduation together and also got the job. We used to sit in a small office of a single room having two desktop PCs and one Laptop. We started working on small PHP project but were not feeling ease to work under someone.

On a couple of occasions, we took a couple of steps ahead to start a business and then, took them back. This time, it was different. With no backup, we decided to leave the job in harsh condition having no source of income from anywhere. We were delighted to start a company as we had been aspiring to do something like this ever since our college days. We had been looking at office space and finance to get our entrepreneurial journey started.

Some thought we are perhaps too stressed out of our job and wants a way or a reason to get out, some others thought that it was absurd to do something like this. There were some who also thought that there could be a ray of hope but the sun doesn’t shine too much in these parts of the nation.

Initially, we had lots of questions in our mind like how and from where to begin, how to get projects, should we create our products or start with finding a client.

But we were very much clear about the platform we need to stay and go ahead with. We started searching for everything on Google to get the answers. After a few days of google, we came to know about a company name ELANCE, later became UPWORK. Neither of us knew that we were in for a ride to touch a million lives.

We got a slow start with very few projects in the first six months, but we were able to do them very professionally with a 100% success rate. After a year, the frequency of projects started increasing on UPWORK with much better options and features. The payment system is as powerful and secure as ever.

Now Upwork has millions of users, clients, freelancers and agencies connected to it. So, opportunities are much more than any time previously. With lots of projects in our hands, we have increased our team to 25. Today, we stand as an example to the world that one can strive, survive and drive business with clean hearts, minds and hands.

We are now having one of the best profiles on Upwork. We have completed hundreds of projects successfully.


We rely on Upwork so much that we always recommend it to our new clients from outside to register on upwork and then proceed with the projects because of the reliability, tracking of work and payment security.

Together, We Do Miracles

Long time back, two minds came together for a social cause to advance the technology and to make a difference. Danish and Masood (Computer Science students) wanted to create some sort of social impact by their idea of innovation by the use of fastest growing IT infrastructure.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Deeply inspired by father of the nation, they themselves started working on an idea to be a part of the innovation of technology and to serve the world with something new which is full of ideas, beauty and inspiration for the coming generations.

As both of them didn’t wanna be a part of the same daily routine job, they left their jobs and started their new learning process for gaining leadership skills to become a Leader.

They started a joint venture in 2013 named WDMTech. Initially, it was a small setup but enough for two learners to mold themselves into professionals. The startup was difficult with no backup to survive but not enough to give up the courage they endorsed in themselves.

WDMTech experienced much ups and downs in initial years that helped them grow more stronger. Both had persisted for nearly two years of hard struggle.

Negativity and Ideas of quitting were a million miles away from their mind and they started searching for experts from the streets of India who have killer programming skills hidden from the world somewhere in the dark.

Their battle rewarded them with few warriors of Coding and designing. With a little bit of grooming of knowledge, the team became a workforce to deliver the desired result.

By more hiring and training, WDMTech started providing employment and that was the first achievement towards their Goal of supporting individuals and changing their lives.

WDMTech never compromised with discipline and professionalism.

This leads to a healthy relationship with clients, who awarded more and more projects to them.

Also, they started saving some part of their profit for charity as they promised themselves to be a part of the social cause.

WDMTech first success was marked with the launch of its very intuitive product vQuiz in the year 2013.

Then without breaks every year it launched a number of products for business, accounting, Data handling, education and learning, e-commerce etc.


Now, WDMtech is all time high with a great boost in revenues. It is committed with a wide range of services ranging from web designing, web development, CMS Customization, Mobile App Development, Customized Software solution, GPS solution to Quality Assurance and Testing with great expertise.

Future is going to be full with advancement and innovation in technology and we are here to fill the gaps.

WDMTech is having a dedicated and expert team for each service to complete the job with excellence. Every individual of the team is much efficient to complete the task before the given deadline which saves the client money and time efficiently.

Reanimate/Vitalize/Vivify The Web With Matchless Product And Services!!

The ever-expanding and ever-adopting technology is growing much faster and to evolve with the technology is not an easy task. There are more devices connected to the Web than living human beings and 81% of consumers research online before buying. (GE Capitol). Also, competition is at its best, quality products and instant services are now matters the most.

WDMtech is one of the leading product and service providers competing and racing with the technology with great pace. In the span of last 5 years, it has done tremendous job to provide products and services to replenish the web world with regular updates as we follow the mantra!

“All businesses need to be young forever. If your customer base ages with you, you’re Woolworth’s.”

— Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon

Do you believe! according to Netcraft, there are now more than 227 million active websites, containing 65 billion web pages. Total number of websites are going at a pace of more than 100 sites per second, most of the businesses are coming to the web and this arises the need for developing products to benefit and advance different sectors like Learning, Training, Accounting, e-Commerce, and other product and service based industries. An enterprise now a days needs to control assets, clients, vendors, staff, services etc.

For that, WDMTech provides solutions to deliver all these services and products in the best way (as per client requirement) through some very astonishing products like vQuiz, vRestaurant, vData etc. Website development and design, CMS customization, mobile app development, customized software solution, etc. are the promising services provided by WDMtech. From Unit testing to Alpha and Beta testing all sorts of manual and automated testing is the intrinsic and indivisible part of its services. We provide a dedicated team of Quality Assurance and Testing. To find more products and services follow below link:



One of the most remarkable and latest core and custom PHP tool gifted to the web world by WDMtech is Land and Fleet GPS Monitoring and Management tool system. It is the one of its kind as most fleet based tools are restricted to only one of the land or water fleet.

WDMtech never believe in leaving a client in lurch during or after the project as it provides instant support to the client when ever needed.

WDMtech is yet to give a lot to the world, it is well prepared for frequent firmware upgrades and to contribute with its products and services as they believe

“Well done is better than well said.”

(Benjamin Franklin)

Proven Approach for Evangelizing UX

We often don’t know why we do things

One of the research studies proving this point was carried out around 50 years back by psychologists Timothy Wilson and Richard Nisbett. The researchers placed a table outside a store with a signboard that read, “Consumer Evaluation Survey: Which is the best quality?” On that table, there were four pairs of ladies stockings, labeled A, B, C and D from left to right. Most of the people i.e. 40% preferred D, and fewest people i.e. 12% preferred A.

The fact was, all the pairs of stockings on a table were identical. The reason most people preferred D was simply a position effect: the researchers knew that people show a marked preference for items on the right side of a display (another finding from psychology). But when the researchers asked people about the stockings that they chose, people identified an attribute of their preferred pair, such as its superior knit, sheerness or elasticity.

The researchers also asked people if they would have been influenced by the order and placement of the items, but with one exception (a psychology student who had just learned about order effects) nobody thought this had affected their choice. Instead, people made up plausible reasons for their choice.

So, there are a few very important factors which should be reminded while working on UX during mobile application development

    , website development and design, etc.
  • Size and Location
  • Attention (Hick’s Law and Serial Position Effect)
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Facts to believe

UX is also about the size and location of controls

According to Fitts’ law (named after the psychologist Paul M Fitts), the time required to rapidly move to a target is a function of the distance to and the size of the target. This applies to both desktop user interfaces as well as touchscreen interfaces. In practice, Fitts’ Law doesn’t mean you should just make big buttons but that you should increase the clickable area. For example, allow a user to click on the text label next to a form field to place their cursor in the field for data entry.

Attention (Towards User’s Psychology)

There are different sorts of attention, based on the situation and the strength of the stimuli.

As a UX designer, we must be very well aware of the important factors of in-depth changes. These changes within the UX environment always draw the attention of the user. With this kind of expertise and experience in website development and design, we can sensibly design user experiences that must be the best fit for the User.

It could be a CMS customization or mobile application development or any other sort of customized software solution:

As a UX Designer, we should better know that during the learning and working activities the users need to use their constant attention. It means that everything on the user interface should deliver this purpose.

Too Many Options and Choices (Hick’s Law)

More choices and options need more mental load. “It describes the time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the possible choices he or she has: increasing the number of choices will increase the decision time logarithmically.”

Too Many Options and Choices (Hick’s Law)

Serial Position Effect: A way to create better user interfaces

The serial position effect, a term coined by Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist and a leader of memory research, describes how the position of an item in a sequence affects recall accuracy. There are two main concepts involved in the serial position effect:

  • The Primacy Effect: Items that are presented at the beginning of a list are recalled with greater accuracy than items in the middle of a list.
  • The Recency Effect: Items that appear at the end of a list are also more likely to elicit better recall than items presented in the middle of a list.

Serial Position Effect: A way to create better user interfaces

There are a few ways you can design better UX by understanding how the serial position effect affects your user:

  • We should maintain information related to tasks within the User Interface.
  • Include cues and notion in the User Interface.
  • Limit the amount of recall required.
  • Emphasize and highlight key information in the beginning and end.

Empathy Mapping:

s the name suggests, empathy maps simply help us building empathy with our end users. Based on real data and when combined with other mapping methods, they can:

  • Remove the bias from designs and brings the team on a single, shared vision of the user.
  • Brings out weaknesses in the research and understanding of the design.
  • Brings to light new user requirements that the user themselves may unaware of.
  • Need to understand what influence the user’s behavior.
  • Guide us toward meaningful innovation and advancement.

Empathy Mapping

“Pay attention to what users do, not what they say.”

— Jakob Nielsen

Using a Positive Reinforcement In UX

Positive reinforcement is only encouraging an action by rewarding it.

Positive reinforcement can be used in two ways. The first, if you are making use of an unorthodox website design features, a contemporary navigation, or out of the way architecture, you can train your users to handle it appropriately and master it by rewarding their interaction with it.

The second, and much more across the board, the application is to impose it on the platform as a whole. You are not bringing any behavior or habit into existence. You are simply wanting to encourage continued and repeated use of the website or mobile app in general.

Few facts to believe in:

3 Click Rule
This rule states that most probably, users will leave a website if they can’t get to the desired page they want, within 3 clicks.

5 Second Test
A 5-second test includes showing users the interface of a software application or a website for 5 seconds. Participants then have to recall what they saw on the page. This is one of the great methods to see whether the interface, features, or calls to actions has been correctly placed and has a correct impact.

80/20 Rule
This is based on the Pareto principle. Applied to any website, web app, or software environment, 20% of the functionality and features will be responsible for 80% of the results.

A/B Testing
A/B testing is a when you test two different versions of online content with users to see which one they prefer.

Accessibility is the ease with which people can use and understand a website or app. This also refers to how websites and apps are adapted for those with disabilities or special needs. An example of this could be adapting colors to allow people who are color blind.

10 Commandments To Become a UI Hot Stuff! From a Clumsy Noob!

Hey! The world is all beautiful, colorful and natural so your User Interface should be. It is one of the most important parts of any website or application. Users usually don’t notice it when it performs well. But in case of errors and poor interface users lose the interest in the product. To create successful user interfaces, most designers follow the basic principles of interface design. Interface design principles represent high-level concepts that are used to guide software design. High level! Not that much

10 commandments are:

1. Place users in control of the interface

  • The user must be able to reverse the action which allows the user to backtrack without the constant fear of failure.
  • Create an easy-to-navigate interface during the website development process, so that user should enjoy exploring the interface even in case of complex software or loads of options available.
  • Acknowledgment and feedback are the necessary needs of today’s complex and messy software. For example, when filling out a password field in the signup form, the interface might inform users of the requirements for their password.
  • Using progress bars or other indicators makes the user patience while software or app is supposed to be doing something.
  • Accommodate users with different skill levels by providing shortcuts, hotkeys and fast paths for expert users. For newbie users tutorial and explanation must be there.

2. Make it comfortable to interact with a product

  • Eliminate all elements and irrelevant information that is not helping your users.
  • Don’t push users to enter same info multiple time or vast info to fill.
  • Use terms throughout the interface that users can understand, rather than system or developer language.
  • Fitts’s law states that the time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and size of the target. This means that it’s better to design large targets for important functions (big buttons are easier to interact with).
  • We should design an interface by keeping the requirement of users of all abilities, including those with low vision, blindness, hearing impairments, cognitive impairments etc.
  • To simulate real world on digital interface metaphors play vital roles. For example, when asking debit card details for payment, you can use a similar picture of the real card as an example.
  • Errors should be engineered as precise, polite, and constructive. If possible, errors must include the exact issue and solution.

3. Reduce cognitive load

  • Cognitive load is the amount of mental processing power required to use a product. It’s better to avoid making users think/work too hard to use your product.
  • According to a research, human working memory can handle seven-plus-or-minus two “chunks” of information while we’re processing information (Theory of CHUNKING by George Miller).
  • Use 3 click rule to reduce the number of actions required to complete the task. The user of a product should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks.
  • Visibility of information and accessibility with ease makes the user recall and recognize what he saw recently in a software.

4. Make user interfaces consistent

  • The main idea of consistency is the idea of transferable knowledge — let users transfer their knowledge and skills from one part of an app’s UI to another, and from one app to another app to have the consistency in website design.
  • Don’t change the consistent look of visual styles within your product for no reason. For example, a Submit button on one page of your site should look the same on any other page.
  • The principle of least surprise is the Functional consistency (Consistency of behavior). The behavior of interface controls, such as buttons and menu items, should not change within a product.
  • To fulfill user requirements follow platform conventions, don’t reinvent patterns, and don’t try to reinvent terminology.

5. Light comes from the sky

  • Shadows are invaluable cues in telling the human brain what user interface elements we’re looking at. When the light comes from the sky, it illuminates the tops of things and casts shadows below them.
  • Same in the website development, home page tops of stuff are lighter, the bottoms are darker. Our screens are flat, but we’ve invested a great amount of art into making just about everything on them appear to be 3-D.

6. Black and white first

  • To simplify the complex elements of the interface we need to first implement Grayscale responsive website design then should go for the colored version.
  • It is better to start making the app beautiful and usable in every aspect, but without the use of colors, which is a little harder. So, add color after grayscale with a very purposeful and meaningful way.
  • In some of the cases, it is not necessary to have a grayscale version or interface. Some designs are related to specific attitude — “sporty”, “flashy”, “cartoony”, etc. — need a designer who can use color extremely well. But most apps don’t have a specific attitude except clean and simple. Those that do are admittedly much harder to design.

7. Double your whitespace

For well-designed UI look, you need to add in a lot of breathing room. Sometimes in a ridiculous amount. For this designer needs to remind few things in his mind:

CSS, HTML, and Whitespace

  • If you, like me, are used for the formatting of the CSS, where mostly the default is no whitespace, don’t try those poor methods and train yourself for new ones.
  • While designing a software start using whitespace as the default. Everything starts as whitespace until you take it away by adding a page element.
  • Starting with a blank page means starting with nothing but whitespace. You think of margins and spacing right from the very beginning. Everything you draw is a conscious whitespace-removing decision.
  • Starting with a bunch of unstyled HTML means starting with content. Spacing is the afterthought. It has to be explicitly stated.

8. Learn the methods of overlaying text on images

For reliably and beautifully overlaying text over images we have certain concrete methods.

Method 1: Apply text directly to the image

  • The image should be dark.
  • The text has to be white.
  • Test it at every screen/window size to make sure it’s legible

Method 2: Overlay the whole image

  • It is the trendiest method today to overlay the image.
  • For bright images, translucent black is the best option also you can find colored overlays as well.

Method 3: Put text in a rectangle

Semi-transparent black rectangle and lather on some white text allow any image underneath and text will be clearly visible and legible, you can also add some colors.

Method 4: Blur the image

To make the overlaid text more legible we need to blur part of the underlying image. You can also use the out-of-focus area of a photo as the blur.

Method 5: Floor fade

  • The floor fade is when you have an image that subtly fades towards black at the bottom, and then there’s white text written over it.
  • To look most natural to our eye, the image has to be slightly darker at the bottom, just like everything else we ever see.

9. Make text pop — and un-pop

The styling of text matters the most preferably larger and lighter. Text includes multiple features to be reminded like Size (bigger or smaller), Color (greater contrast or lesser; bright colors draw the eye), Font weight (bolder or thinner), Capitalization (lowercase, UPPERCASE, and Title Case), Italicization, Letter, and Margins. For a visible and clear website design, text plays the most important role in improving UI and UX.

Up-pop and down-pop

    You can divide all the ways of styling text into two groups:
  • Styles that increase the visibility of the text. Big, bold, capitalized, etc.
  • Styles that decrease the visibility of the text. Small, less contrast, less margin, etc.

Selected and hovered styles

Styling selected elements and hover effects are another round in the same game— but more difficult. Usually, changing font-size, case, or font-weight will change how large of an area the text takes up, which can lead to seizing hover effects.

10. Only use good fonts

The clean and simple font is the necessity of a well-designed UI. Sites having unique features include very distinct text depends upon the flavor like sports, online games, and business sites etc. There are some useful resources for a smooth and soothing website design:

    There are some useful resources:
  • Beautiful Google web fonts. This is an awesome showcase of how good Google Fonts can look. I’ve returned to this simple page for inspiration at least a dozen times.
  • Font Squirrel. A collection of the best fonts available for commercial use, and totally free.
  • Type kit. If you are on Adobe Creative Cloud (i.e. subscription Photoshop or Illustrator, etc.), then you have free access to a ton of amazing fonts. And yes, Proxima Nova is included.

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vRestaurant’s online ordering and reservation platform is your space to explore and explain your brand. It’s the first interaction people have with you online. It not only opens new revenue streams for you but also offers various customer engagement opportunities.

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vRestaurant is stuffed with lots of cutting-edge features like Online Menu Ordering, Online booking and reservation, list/search restaurants and menu dynamically, rate & review system for restaurant & menu with category reviews, deals and coupons to woo customers, different Dashboard for Restaurant owners, subscription for Restaurant owners, etc.


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Why Joomla For E-Commerce Web Development?

Choosing a right platform for website development is really a hard decision to make, particularly an e-Commerce one. Content Management Systems (CMS) reduce the burdens related with building a website with any vertical.

Before coming to any firm decision, every e-Commerce entrepreneur should go through some CMS which are fully features as per their requirement. Most of the entrepreneur ends up choosing one of the three most popular CMS for their website. Extensive functionality, ease of use, extendibility and ability to deliver a wholesome online business experience makes Joomla the only choice for most of the Entrepreneur.

Joomla E-Commerce

Let’s see what makes Joomla the very first choice for e-Commerce web development:

Joomla’s e-commerce themes

There are numerous Joomla templates available, many of which are free, and are SEO and translation ready. No matter what kind of product or service you’re selling, you’ll find a template that’s just right for your online store. Few of the features of templates in Joomla are:

  • Designed for any kind of e-commerce Joomla website development
  • Responsive, retina-ready design so your site looks great from any device
  • Customisable colour choice, fonts, and typography
  • Designed for restaurants or food business-related sites, fashion business, etc.
  • Blog and gallery features make it easy to share content and images
  • Slick, simple layout helps you show off the season’s trendiest offerings
  • Highly functional menu navigation so customers can shop from any device

Joomla’s e-commerce extensions

A Joomla website is customisable with numerous extensions, some free, others paid, all fully featured to provide everything you could possibly need or want in a custom Joomla development environment for your website. To give you an idea, the following are among Joomla’s most popular extensions for online stores.

  • VirtueMart
  • Hika Shop
  • EShop
  • J2Store, etc.

All the Joomla extensions have some ultimate features:

  • Maintain all Joomla product support
  • Easy to configure, customize and use
  • Multilingual support
  • Auto currency rate update
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • SEO friendly with meta tags
  • Several templates and layout per category
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Drag and drop file manager
  • Powerful reporting
  • Highly extensible
  • Seamless checkout
  • Advanced access control
  • Promotion and discount handler
  • Order management
  • Unlimited & nested categories
  • Custom order status
  • One-page checkout
  • Unlimited products, manufacturers, domain installation and support
  • Multi store, language and currency
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Fully responsive layout
  • International sales
  • Affiliate program support
  • Powerful statistics capabilities
  • Multiple Vendor
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • No design and template ability limitations
  • Multiple currencies
  • Ready to use and easy to manage webshop
  • Enhanced statistics
  • SEO optimized
  • Multiple shipping and payment methods
  • Send out newsletters and catalogues
  • Gift options
  • Intelligent SEF URLs
  • And lots more

Website security and maintenance

Joomla additionally provide possibilities with varieties of security extensions for better and firm security. These security extensions with other security features provided with web hosting plans gives a better form of protection over your database and website with secure access. To know more about Joomla security feature please follow the link https://www.wdmtech.com/blog/entry/this-is-why-joomla-is-the-best-cms-available

Web hosting plan features

  • Backup manager (daily, weekly, yearly)
  • DDoS mitigation (levels 3 and 4)
  • Security advisor
  • Firewall
  • SSL support (Compare SSL certificates to get the right level of security for your site.)

Joomla website security extensions features:

  • Joomla security extensions provides you protection against most vulnerable attacks. It provides login security, IP blocking/backlisting, IP whitelisting, and automatic IP blocking of repeat offenders. E.g. Admin Tools Professional.
  • Joomla security extensions scans directory structures, storing details of every file in a database table. Able to detect any directory tree files that are new, changed, or deleted. If any change is detected, you will get a notification or email. E.g. Eyesite.
  • Joomla security extensions prevents spamming by requiring visitors to complete an interactive task. If Key CAPTCHA isn’t successfully solved, page refreshing is blocked, and users must manually refill forms. E.g. KeyCAPTCHA.

This list represents just a few of Joomla’s many e-commerce security offerings.

Set up your Joomla website today!

The features and reasons mentioned above definitely makes Joomla a must have choice for designing, developing, setting up and maintaining a professional-looking, fully featured e-commerce website. Its expandable and extensive functionality, extendibility, and ability to deliver an easy-to-use and user-friendly shopping experience make it a first-choice CMS.

Need help in Joomla e-commerce web development, Joomla website development or Joomla CMS development? No problem! WDMtech support, developers and designers’ team is standing by to offer all the assistance, development or customization you need. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you run into any problems.

While Content Management Systems (CMS) reduce the burdens associated with building a website, particularly an e-Commerce one, choosing the right system is a pretty hard decision by itself. The three biggest CMSs every eCommerce entrepreneur has to consider are a pretty popular in the CMS world and eCommerce entrepreneurs usually end up choosing one of them for their website. Joomla takes the cake because of its extensive functionality, ease of use, extendibility and its ability to deliver a wholesome online business experience.

Joomla’s e-commerce themes

Two steps. That’s all it takes to install a Joomla template.

  • Find and download the template you want
  • Use Joomla’s extension manager to upload the template

Joomla offers countless templates, many of which are free, all of which are SEO and translation ready. The following is a VERY small sampling of Joomla’s themes designed specifically for e-commerce websites. Don’t worry. No matter what kind of product or service you’re selling, you’ll find a template that’s just right for your online store.


  • Designed for any kind of e-commerce site
  • Responsive, retina-ready design so your site looks great from any device
  • Customisable colour choice, fonts, and typography


  • Designed for restaurants or food business-related sites
  • Template includes reservation forms and customisable menu
  • Blog and gallery features make it easy to share content and images


  • Designed for fashion businesses
  • Slick, simple layout helps you show off the season’s trendiest offerings
  • Highly functional menu navigation so customers can shop from any device

Joomla’s e-commerce extensions

It’s just as easy to install extensions. You have two options:

  • Use the extension manager to download and then upload the extension
  • Insert the URL for the extension’s location and install from there

A Joomla website is customisable with numerous extensions, some free, others paid, all fully featured to provide everything you could possibly need or want. To give you an idea, the following are among Joomla’s most popular extensions for online stores.

  • VirtueMart
  • Hika Shop
  • EShop
  • J2Store

Website security and maintenance

In addition to all other the security features already included with our web hosting plans, Joomla websites can be further customised with a variety of security extensions for even greater protection.

Web hosting plan features

  • Backup manager (daily, weekly, yearly)
  • DDoS mitigation (levels 3 and 4)
  • Security advisor
  • Firewall
  • SSL support (Compare SSL certificates to get the right level of security for your site.)

Joomla website security extensions

  • Admin Tools Professional: Among Joomla’s most popular security extensions, protects against most common attacks. Provides login security, IP blocking/backlisting, IP whitelisting, and automatic IP blocking of repeat offenders.
  • Eyesite: Scans directory structures, storing details of every file in a database table. Able to detect any directory tree files that are new, changed, or deleted. You’ll receive an email if changes are detected.
  • KeyCAPTCHA: Prevents spamming by requiring visitors to complete an interactive task. If KeyCAPTCHA isn’t successfully solved, page refreshing is blocked, and users must manually refill forms.

*Again, this list represents a just a select few of Joomla’s many e-commerce security offerings.

Set up your Joomla website today!

For all of the above reasons, Joomla is a solid choice for setting up and maintaining a professional-looking, fully-capable e-commerce website. Its extensive functionality, extendibility, and ability to deliver a user-friendly shopping experience make it a top-choice CMS. Joomla really can handle just about anything you throw its way.

Need help setting up Joomla from the EuroDNS control panel? No problem! Our customer support team is standing by to offer all the assistance you need. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you run into any problems. We’re here if you need us.

In sum, #joomla is a great CMS for eCommerce because of security, layered and detailed user control, and many out of the box functionality like multilingual support, giving you an effective and scaleable shop