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Why Magento is the Top-Rated E-Commerce Platform of the Future?

Every passing year Magento is proving to be one of the most futuristic and widely adopted E-Commerce platforms. In 2018, Adobe realized the potential of the Magento E-Commerce platform and announced its acquisition to further added brand value and quality to it.

Since then, Magento is continuously heading to improve its e-commerce business techniques and deliver the best technology to its customers. It is taking over the latest technologies to lead the tech-savvy market.

Let us see, what is inside Magento’s Bag of Future in 2022 !!

Power Kick of Magento on eCommerce Platform

  • With 1,00,706 websites it is the closest competitor of OpenCart, PrestaShop, GoDaddy Online Store, and BigCommerce.
  • Magento holds a 0.6% market share of all the world’s websites.
  • On average e-commerce platform developed on Magento grows three times faster than other platforms.
  • 80% of the revenue of most companies is increased after shifting to the Magento E-Commerce Platform.
  • With a yearly transaction of more than $155 billion, it is connected with some of the most popular brands like Nike, Ford, Nestle Nespresso, Jaguar & NCG, HP Inc., JCB, etc.

Are We Really Into The Future?

  • Magento is continuously working on a framework called the Monolith framework that constitutes the PHP framework and combines its front-end and back-end.
  • Similar Models favor small businesses that don’t have the coffers to work with disparate systems.
  • E-commerce is diverting steadily toward multi-services platforms and is becoming more and more flexible.
  • The Specialized Engineering team of Adobe is planning to leave the PHP monolith and switch to Adobe’s microservices in near future. Because of this, small and medium-scale businesses won’t be using the monolith system for Magento in the coming days.
  • In fact, in September 2021, an alliance was created with the name, Mage Open-Source Community Alliance. The purpose of this alliance was to create the codebase of Magento to support small-scale businesses that want to stay on the Monolithic framework.

How Magento Store is reforming technology with Artificial Intelligence?

Machines making decisions, performing scheduled, and automated tasks are well integrated with Artificial Intelligence. Today’s generation is already surrounded by it and applying it in everyday life. Internet of things technology, Virtual assistance like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and many other software and applications that are fully developed with Artificial Intelligence is hitting the market with a great boom.

Artificial Intelligence gives adequate innovative and phenomenal AI applications in the eCommerce industry, where there is virtually unlimited user data to be managed and extracted to produce noteworthy results.

You can use the following Magento AI features:

  • Create real-time customer profiles
  • B2B and B2C insights
  • Privacy control
  • The product recommends using AI
  • Live Search based on AI
  • AI Voice Assistance
  • AR/VR Selling improvements for the automated shopping experience
  • Customer’s journey automated prediction
  • Real-Time insights on shopping trends on multiple channels
  • Automated product recommendations for every shopper by predicting their preferences based on shopping history

How is the Powerful Context-Based Search helping customers?

Much important feature for any customer is the performance of the Product Search Section. AI is adding some much-needed improvements for better and relevant results. Search context is being used in place of conventional keywords. AI used NLP to deliver more accurate and relevant results to the users.

Will Progressive Web Apps integration in Magento gives it a lead?

This latest technique of Progressive web apps allows you to deliver a phenomenal user experience on mobile applications. Such a futuristic and fast-flashing technology allows users to work offline and behaves like native apps on mobile.

Magento’s PWA Studio is the futuristic tool delivering a cross-browser compatible platform to develop PWA-based online stores which are faster and highly responsive in comparison with other e-commerce platforms.

With future upgrades, Magento is going to bring certain fantastic features which will definitely change the way of e-commerce operation and management. These are:

  • PWA – Global theming/styling
  • Custom product attributes
  • Performance optimizing
  • PWA – Shopping and cart improvements
  • Server-side rendering
  • Extensibility improvement
  • PWA – Bundle product type

How Magento is dealing with Headless Commerce?

In near future, Magento is going to promote Multi or Omni channel sales using headless commerce.

This methodology delivers an API-based e-commerce functionality by separating both the front-end and back-end and allows it to be sold on other e-commerce channels and platforms too.

Magento also provides features like GraphQL and 500+ Rest operations. Future upgrades will be coming with Personalize and page builder settings that will definitely help the developer to build a customized front end.

The next GraphQL upgrades include Personalize and Page builder features. It will help you build more customized front ends. Developers have the flexibility to handle multiple front-end from a unique and single back-end.

By using the same API, you can connect it with other third-party tools. So, the feature of headless e-commerce of Magento involves:

  • Creating new touchpoints in IoT devices
  • Single page and multi-page web apps
  • Mobile-friendly apps
  • Uniform content across touchpoints

Will Magento’s future upgrades Improve Personalized Marketing?

Some reports and research data show that personalized selling is getting popularity with 40% revenue growth. Magento is ahead in the competition with the superb tools mentioned below:

  • Adobe Target
  • Real-time Customer Data Platform
  • Buy Online, Pickup in Store
  • Personalized payment for easy checkout
  • Marketo Engage – A Complete Marketing Tool Kit with Automatic Marketing Campaigns and AI Predictive Customer Segments
  • Customer experience personalization with active listening features.

What is Magento’s Advanced PIM Solution?

Every single day, Magento is updating technology and making it smarter. In 2018, Magento announced a tool called Akeneo.

Akeneo is a Product Information System (PIM) and is purely an open-source solution from Magento.

After the collaboration, Magento is feature rich with the management and unification across the Magento platform with ERP and CMS.

Before the partnership, the PIM options were limited in Magento. You can now unify product data across Magento, ERP, and CMS. Akeneo directly improved Magento’s PIM section.

Akeneo has enhanced Magento’s product management. Its main features include:

  • Control product data on a single interface
  • Manage product categories, attributes, and types
  • Sync product data on all channels
  • Boost conversion rates up to 4x

For fast integration among Akeneo PIM and other Magento Tools, REST API Technology is used by Magento 2.

How does the Amazon Sales Channel Increase sales on amazon?

Amazon Sales Channel is an extension of Magento that is very robust and inclusive. It provides the opportunity for e-commerce owners to sell their products on Amazon.

Open an e-commerce account on the Amazon Seller Central (ASC) Platform for selling products on Amazon. ASC regularly auto-synchronizes the catalogue and order data for both platforms.

Some of the features of Magento’s latest updates involve:

  • Seamless integration
  • Intelligent pricing
  • Listing management
  • Fulfilment management
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Business pricing (B2B)

Magento is constantly upgrading its software and adding new features. We will see more improvements in performance and security.

For further details of Magento and its extensions update, you can follow bogs.

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