Spread A Magic of E-commerce with MAGENTO

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Few things on the internet work wonders. There are plenty of platforms available when it comes to e-commerce development. While choosing a platform to own an online store, the number of thoughts come into mind:

  1. Open-Source Platform
  2. Large Support Community
  3. Security and flexibility
  4. Availability of a large number of plugins
  5. Fully featured platform with easy customization and integration etc.

One can look for a feature or two as per the need and requirement for his e-commerce business and select the most suitable platform for his e-commerce site. What if all these features are available under one platform with intensive security?

What should I Use then?

Yes, One of the most prominent and most promising e-commerce platforms available on which you can rely is MAGENTO. It is an open-source e-commerce platform and is loaded with a large category of awesome and useful features. You can put it in the category of “Legend” of e-commerce world.

Why Magento is the best option for me?

Magento is a highly flexible open-source eCommerce platform on which you can easily develop fully scalable and better small, medium, and large-scale online stores. Security, support, and features are always crucial for every e-commerce store and Magento is best in that. You can achieve your dreams by using Magento and its features. So, it is one of the trusted platforms of many customers.

  • Magento is used by 13% of all the websites which content management system is known.
  • Magento is the most renowned and used eCommerce platform, with a market share of 31%.

What does it cost to me?

Basic edition of Magento is free and is popular as Magento community edition. However, in case of adding more features to increase the functionality or for integration or customization of your store you need to buy some extensions. For this purpose, there is another version available for Magento i.e. Magento Enterprise Edition, with lots of functionalities and features which community edition is lack with. So, cost of online store can vary as per features and also depends on the mode of business like B2C or B2B.

What version of Magento should I opt?

In case of creating a small and medium scale online store, you can simply go with Magento Community edition. Enterprise edition is better option in case of the requirement of more functionality and performance.

If you are looking to select between Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x, then you should go with Magento 2 as its support is fully active and it is the most recommended version of Magento.

What features will I get?

There is enough in Magento to offer you. You can bring out the best e-commerce online store through some impeccable features mentioned below:

Magento Features

  • Catalog Management
  • Tools for advertising and marketing
  • Fully SEO Centered
  • Mobile Friendly Commerce
  • Order Management
  • Complete Site Management
  • Checkout, Shipping and payment
  • User Account
  • Customer Service International Support
  • Tracking, analytics and Reporting

Do any popular organization use it?

Obviously, There are many proud and popular brands using Magento as an e-commerce platform. It is also the most popular ecommerce platform, as large number of retailers choose Magento. Some of the popular brands are:

  • Victoria Beckham
  • Oliver Sweeney
  • Liverpool FC
  • Land Rover
  • Helly Hansen
  • Christian Louboutin
  • MADE
  • Odd Bins
  • Vizio
  • Fred Perry

Do I worry about security in Magento?

Security is of the important factor behind the success of Magento. It offers great functionality for making store secured from attackers. And from the customers point of view they always give preference to those stores on which they feel secure for online transactions. So, Magento is a best choice for building fully secured ecommerce store.

Where to find Magento development services?

The language used behind Magento is PHP, which was developed by Varien, Inc, a US private company with the help of volunteers. One of the best services providing firm for e-commerce development is WDM Tech. It is one of the ROI driven, full scale digital transformations firm leading in consultancy, enterprise solutions, digital infrastructure solutions and website and mobile application development. Visit www.wdmtech.com to own one of the best e-commerce online store in B2c and B2B verticals.