Mobile App Development

Mobile is the future, let's change the World!

Mobile App Development

Mobile is the handiest and industrious device in today's world. Most of the information searches, hotel and ticket bookings, online shopping etc are done through mobile. So, with more & more web traffic coming via mobile devices, we offer multiple solutions ranging from responsive web design to mobile-only templates & native mobile applications.

We develop enterprise-level mobile applications to help you heighten your business productivity. We can develop both native and cross-platform mobile applications.

We can build native mobile apps on all the major platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile. Additionally, as experts at HTML5 mobile development, WDMTech can also build cross-platform mobile applications that will work on any device or platform.

Companies and organizations choosing WDMTech for their custom mobile application development needs can be assured that their final deliverable, no matter the technology it's built on, will be secure, scalable and sustainable in whatever environment it's hosted.

Mobile Development Areas we are expert in:

  • Responsive Website Development
  • Mobile Specific Website Development
  • Windows Mobile App Development
  • iOS Mobile App Development
  • Android Mobile App Development
  • Phonegap Mobile App Development
PhoneGap Mobile App Development

PhoneGap Mobile App Development

PhoneGap is the open source framework that gets you building amazing mobile apps using web technology:

  • RAPID DEVELOPMENT = BETTER APPS: For web developers with a history of creating outstanding user experiences and products, PhoneGap is the tool to use to quickly transfer web development skills into making awesome mobile apps. Leverage the web technologies that you know and love to make more time for rapid iterations and releases. By releasing your mobile app early and often, and gathering metrics for quick iterations, your customers get what they want and need.
  • CROSS PLATFORM = GREATER REACH: There is nothing worse than making your hugely anticipated/successful/helpful mobile app only available for a single platform. It means missing out on a huge part of your potential customer base. By using PhoneGap you can create an app for each of the platforms that you choose, using a single code base. Focus on creating a great experience for all of your potential customers instead of authoring complex platform compatibility layers — it just makes sense.
  • NATIVE APIS = NATIVE FUNCTIONALITY: Developing your mobile app using HTML, CSS and Javascript don't mean that you have to give up on native functionality that makes mobile devices so extraordinary. PhoneGap gives you access to all of the native device APIs (like camera, GPS, accelerometer and more) so that the app you build with web tech behaves just like a native app. It's pretty cool.