Revealing a Leading Face of Restaurant Management Tool!!!

Guess What?!? I have got something exciting to tell you: We are coming with the latest release of our one of the best, leading and up-to-date online restaurant tool i.e. vRestaurant.

A few months back, it was a myth to have endless features within one portal. Now with the assistance of our super developer brains, we are making your dream comes true to manage everything centrally from one portal with ease and simplicity.

vRestaurant’s online ordering and reservation platform is your space to explore and explain your brand. It’s the first interaction people have with you online. It not only opens new revenue streams for you but also offers various customer engagement opportunities.

Another great way to make your restaurant stand out is to use the vRestaurant portal as Review and Rating platform. One can easily share his/her experience by reviewing the restaurants available. Customer’s feedback is the final word for an owner of a Restaurant to make an assessment of his services or to find better ideas which can lead to an overall improvement in infrastructure, menu, features, and services.

vRestaurant is stuffed with lots of cutting-edge features like Online Menu Ordering, Online booking and reservation, list/search restaurants and menu dynamically, rate & review system for restaurant & menu with category reviews, deals and coupons to woo customers, different Dashboard for Restaurant owners, subscription for Restaurant owners, etc.

WDMtech is one the leading company to serve you the latest, high-tech and wide range of online portals and platforms that make you comply with today’s business needs. vRestaurant is also the mirror of our 10 years of experience in the development of technology.

Taste a demo of vRestaurant and enjoy it to shoot your business like anything.