Never Stop Questioning…… Question Everything with vQuiz…. An Online Quiz Tool

Do you dare to question people? Would you be able to know the public opinion anyhow? Could you test your partner personality? Can you find your child or candidate performance? Can you assess your inhouse management?

Do you dare to question people? Would you be able to know the public opinion anyhow? Could you test your partner personality? Can you find your child or candidate performance? Can you assess your inhouse management?

Online Quiz

Here is the most advance online quiz maker tool “VQUIZ” for the people who are really curious, inquisitive, question all the time, seeking and probing things for different purposes like research and human assessment. “VQUIZ” is a popular quiz generator tool on JED.

How many facial expressions can you make to ask a question? You got it right! You can make different sorts of Quizzes like MBTI, Survey, Personality, Trivia, MCQs, and Simulation just by a single quiz maker tool “vQuiz”, surely, gives you an advantage over other tools.

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Types of online Quizzes

How vQuiz collaborate with different verticals?

  • vQuiz as a survey generator, allows you to create questionnaire which helps you in extracting information about people, assessing their choices, thoughts, opinion, feelings. This survey maker is one of the most prominent online survey tools, helps psychologist and sociologists to analyse behaviour, media in evaluating political candidates, public health officials, professional organizations, and advertising and marketing directors.
  • vQuiz as a test creator, can generate Trivia and MCQs, which can engage large number of audiences in interesting way. Also, these quiz helps students, employees and a person to do self-evaluation with instant result.
  • To make study fun, vQuiz brings you with a coarse builder. Learning path of this online course creator enables you to create groups of Lessons and Quizzes within it. So that a user can go through lessons and quizzes one by one.
  • vQuiz as a MBTI Quiz creator, to find out conclusive personality from 16 correlated personalities. It is also used by psychiatrist, doctors, phycologist, marketing managers, etc.
  • vQuiz as a poll maker, enables you to gather opinion and feedback. It can help you drive traffic to your site and prevent you from voting fraud.
  • One can create fun personality quizzes and share with your friends using Email, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn or Facebook etc.
  • Once you’ve created a quiz which engages your audience it becomes a very effective method of capturing leads for sales, newsletters or creating specials offers.
  • vQuiz as a simulation quiz generator, helps improving critical thinking, helps to find out alternative solutions to a problem, helps to easily conduct experiments without disrupting the real system, and also helps to find out more precise and accurate values & results by increasing number of instance using multiple category simulation Quiz.

With Dynamic results and certificate, Subscription, order, coupon, and payment (tax), Question group and Branching, Leader Board and Progress Tracker based on categories, skills, quizzes etc. with highly informative Dashboard with Advance graphical reporting and notification, vQuiz leads the market.

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Receives Great Review

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