The Upwork Success Story

In 2013, on a dusky evening, we, Danish and Masood, came out of office with resignation letters in our hand having mixed feeling of fear and freedom, uncertain future, but had a siege of relief to start a new life. There were spontaneous exchanges of pleasantries as the mind wandered down the memory lane exploring those lovely days we had spent at Aligarh Muslim University almost a decade ago. We never knew what was in store after this decision or that this decision would change our lives forever.

Off late then, we completed the graduation together and also got the job. We used to sit in a small office of a single room having two desktop PCs and one Laptop. We started working on small PHP project but were not feeling ease to work under someone.

On a couple of occasions, we took a couple of steps ahead to start a business and then, took them back. This time, it was different. With no backup, we decided to leave the job in harsh condition having no source of income from anywhere. We were delighted to start a company as we had been aspiring to do something like this ever since our college days. We had been looking at office space and finance to get our entrepreneurial journey started.

Some thought we are perhaps too stressed out of our job and wants a way or a reason to get out, some others thought that it was absurd to do something like this. There were some who also thought that there could be a ray of hope but the sun doesn’t shine too much in these parts of the nation.

Initially, we had lots of questions in our mind like how and from where to begin, how to get projects, should we create our products or start with finding a client.

But we were very much clear about the platform we need to stay and go ahead with. We started searching for everything on Google to get the answers. After a few days of google, we came to know about a company name ELANCE, later became UPWORK. Neither of us knew that we were in for a ride to touch a million lives.

We got a slow start with very few projects in the first six months, but we were able to do them very professionally with a 100% success rate. After a year, the frequency of projects started increasing on UPWORK with much better options and features. The payment system is as powerful and secure as ever.

Now Upwork has millions of users, clients, freelancers and agencies connected to it. So, opportunities are much more than any time previously. With lots of projects in our hands, we have increased our team to 25. Today, we stand as an example to the world that one can strive, survive and drive business with clean hearts, minds and hands.

We are now having one of the best profiles on Upwork. We have completed hundreds of projects successfully.

We rely on Upwork so much that we always recommend it to our new clients from outside to register on upwork and then proceed with the projects because of the reliability, tracking of work and payment security.